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How to carry recreational cannabis on Canadian flights

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It has almost been a year since Cannabis legalization and many Canadians are still unaware of the rules of flying with recreational weed. While the Cannabis Act sparked quite a few firsts including legal dispensaries, an assortment of e-commerce shops where you can buy weed online and even public places where smoking up is tolerated, many citizens still lack […]

Cannabis oil kills bacteria better than established antibiotics, study finds

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As cannabiseurs, you’re probably no stranger to the wonderful effects and euphoric body reliefs that are exhibited through the use of cannabis oils. Although did you know that these CBD-infused compounds could also be used as a loaded weapon against superbugs? In fact, scientists and physicians are discovering just how well cannabidiol acts as an […]

The ultimate pot strains for your hiking adventure

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While hiking is an activity that can be enjoyed all year long, summer brings out some of the best trail conditions and views. Not only does a good trek allow you to take in the scenes of nature, but it can also allow you to fill your day with an activity that’s challenging and relaxing. […]

Everything you need to know to buy weed online in Canada

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In a world where vast selection, informative resources and high-quality products are available at the click of a button, buying weed online in Canada is as convenient as it gets. While many stoners have relied on other sources to obtain their stash before legalization, there’s something rather surreal about browsing an online store or dispensary to take your pick. […]

Growing? How to properly prune your cannabis plants

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Since cannabis legalization, marijuana enthusiasts have actively taken advantage of planting pot at home. However, there’s more to growing weed then simply outfitting a grow tent to mimic optimal environmental conditions. There’s also a long list of care and maintenance that should go hand-in-hand throughout the lifecycle of your crop. That being said, those who have […]