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Growing? How to properly prune your cannabis plants

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Since cannabis legalization, marijuana enthusiasts have actively taken advantage of planting pot at home. However, there’s more to growing weed then simply outfitting a grow tent to mimic optimal environmental conditions. There’s also a long list of care and maintenance that should go hand-in-hand throughout the lifecycle of your crop. That being said, those who have […]

Vaping or smoking? Which yields a higher potency?

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While smoking continues to be the classic trend amongst weed enthusiasts, vaping has emerged to offer an experience all its own. Though both consumption methods offer an efficient mode of THC delivery, many of our customers are curious as to which of the two options pack the most punch. After all, when you buy marijuana online, […]

3 Reasons Why Buying Weed Online is the Most Convenient Method for Canadians

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Fits Any Schedule When you’re getting your munch on the last thing you want to do is run errands. That’s why one of the best ways to get your hands on your daily dose of chronic is to buy weed online in Canada. It’s incredibly easy and saves you the time and hassle of visiting […]

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with These Heavenly Strains

March 17 brings green outfits, green drinks, and green-themed parties. Given all that, we strongly encourage you to indulge in the finest green attainable this St. Patrick’s Day. Whether you’re looking to put on a buzz before heading out to the Irish pub or get stoned out of your mind and stay in, we’ve got […]

Why You Should Buy Weed Online

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If you’ve spent any time researching weed on the Internet, you’ve probably come across the opportunity to buy weed online. Maybe you’ve even considered it. The fact is that a lot of marijuana users these days are choosing to buy weed online. Here are the two most common reasons people buy weed online. Convenience Although […]