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Vaping or smoking? Which yields a higher potency?

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While smoking continues to be the classic trend amongst weed enthusiasts, vaping has emerged to offer an experience all its own. Though both consumption methods offer an efficient mode of THC delivery, many of our customers are curious as to which of the two options pack the most punch. After all, when you buy marijuana online, […]

How do you make cannabis topicals from scratch?

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While recreational cannabis has an assortment of incredible health benefits and advantageous uses, cannabis-infused topicals are a prominent new trend that has emerged to the spotlight to treat pain and expand the parametres of wellness. When you buy cannabis topicals online, you’re able to take care of all your needs and alignments using various body products — all-natural lip balm, headache roll-ons and […]

How can cannabis affect your allergies?

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When you buy weed online you’re opening the door to a variety of shopping advantages — more choices, a wide assortment of information about each strain and its effects as well as the potential for some incredible discounts. However, it can sometimes be difficult to find the right information pertaining to how cannabis can affect your health and well-being. So, […]

Your handy guide to understanding trichomes

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You may be the master when it comes to rolling joints but that doesn’t mean that you know all the technical terminology that surrounds cannabis strains. And while you’re probably well-versed in the biology that derives popular Sativas and Indicas, you may be lacking the knowledge about how trichomes play a role. In fact, here’s your guide pertaining to […]