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5 Delicious Edibles to Satisfy your Sweet Tooth and Get You High

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Know what’s better than getting high and eating something delicious? Killing two birds with one stone, and eating something delicious that gets you high. From candy to chocolate to so much more, all sorts of sweet foods are infused with THC. Looking to buy edibles online? Here are five must-try examples that you can purchase […]

A Brief History of Weed Legalization in Canada

Famous Weed Activists

In the summer of this year, marijuana is finally set to become legalized in Canada. That being said, the fight against prohibition hasn’t been an easy road. Last month we detailed the exploits of three recent Canadian marijuana activists, but the truth is that weed legalization in Canada has a much broader history than just that […]

Geniuses Who Smoke Weed

geniuses who smoke weed

The stereotype of marijuana users being lazy, unambitious, and slow-witted couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, marijuana is a widely used medicine throughout all walks of life, and pot smokers run the full gamut of humanity. There are even weed smokers among the most celebrated minds the world has ever seen. Here are […]

5 Must-Try Weed Strains for the New Year

5 Must-Try Weed Strains for the New Year

Not all New Year resolutions need to be difficult to achieve. We propose an exciting resolution to try new weed experiences in 2018! Here are five must-try weed strains to welcome the new year. Rockstar Rockstar is a delicious indica-leaning hybrid (75% indica and 25% sativa) that is ideal for the marijuana user seeking a […]