Growing? How to properly prune your cannabis plants

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Since cannabis legalization, marijuana enthusiasts have actively taken advantage of planting pot at home. However, there’s more to growing weed then simply outfitting a grow tent to mimic optimal environmental conditions. There’s also a long list of care and maintenance that should go hand-in-hand throughout the lifecycle of your crop. That being said, those who have a green thumb will be able to easily grasp the germination, seedling and vegetative stages, but it always helps to have some added knowledge during the flowering stage. So, get your scissors ready fellow stoners! 

How essential is pruning?

Pruning your cannabis has the ability to improve the quality and the yield of your plants. It’s also considered to be a rather intimate practice, allowing the gardener a close look at the plant to enable them to check up on the health and progress it’s making. While it might feel counterproductive to cut off bits of the plant before the budding stage, the truth is that the parts being pruned are ones that won’t produce high-quality buds. Cutting off the dull branches will allow your plant to redirect its energy and resources towards the healthier parts. Pruning also creates more open space within areas of the plant, allowing more oxygen to flow freely, keeping the plant vibrant and healthy. 

What to look for before you prune?

The areas of the plant that receive the most amount of sunlight and airflow, typically, are on the top part of the plant. This means that you’ll want to remove:

  • Lower branches that don’t receive as much sunlight.
  • Any leaves that are dead due to a lack of light.
  • Bud sites that are lower than the average within your plant.

Pruning your plant will enhance how bushy it’s in the early phases of its growth and development, so you should actively prune it until about four weeks into the flowering stage. Then, you can stop the pruning process to allow your plant to grow in size, quality and yield. 

How to prune your cannabis plant?

If you’re still set on growing, rather than the convenience you receive when you buy weed online, pruning should be made a part of your scheduled, ongoing plant care. For starters, you will need to grab yourself some high-end pruning shears or some simple, yet sharp clippers/scissors in order to make clean snips that are able to prevent infection and damage to your plant. Here are some pruning tips for beginners:

  • Remove the large branches first: This process allows you to clear out the much-needed space before you start the more detailed pruning. Remember to start at the bottom of your plant. 
  • Check under your canopy: The canopy of the plant is the top area that shades the underparts. This middle-area receives far less sunlight and many of these branches and buds will remain underdeveloped.
  • Prune anything that appears dead: Branches or leaves that don’t receive enough sunlight are often found dead before the flowering stage. Rid your plant of these to allow the growing parts to develop healthier. 

It’s important to take the time to observe your plants and check their overall health. When you’re pruning you can also look for pests, treat any nutrient deficiencies and adjust any soil issues that you may find. 

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Have you ever grown your own marijuana plants from start to finish? Drop a comment below to offer any advice or tips to the newbies. 

2 thoughts on “Growing? How to properly prune your cannabis plants

  1. Alex Jackson says:

    Routinely check your plants for the smaller branches; if they will not recieve enough light to grow try to clone these for another plant.

    – take the smaller stem about 1/2 inch up the stem at a 45 degree angle ( make sure clean and sharp blade )
    – cut the smaller branches off and place in a cup of water
    – wait 2-4 weeks for new roots ( atleast 1inch roots )

    Re-plant this in your growing medium and you will have made yourself another plant for wasted smaller branches

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