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Using Marijuana as a Sleep Aid

Marijuana is used for a lot of reasons, both recreational and medicinal. Among the medicinal reasons, one of the more common problems being treated is insomnia. Pot has been demonstrated to effectively help users fall asleep and, unlike counting sheep, using marijuana as a sleep aid allows you to get high at the end of […]

Countries Where Weed is Legal

This summer, Canada’s federal government is set to legalize marijuana. Well, lately there has been some waffling, but we all hope they follow through. Anyway, now that our home and native land is set to allow recreational and medicinal use of pot, you may be wondering if there are other countries where weed is legal. […]

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Weed Lovers

weed gift ideas

Valentine’s Day is here, and whether you’ve got a partner or you’re single and trying to impress someone new, we’ve got you covered. Check out these excellent weed gift ideas for this upcoming February 14. Vape Pens We’ve got everything you could imagine in stock here, so whatever your special someone craves, you can deliver. […]

5 Marijuana-Related Myths

marijuana myths

Weed has had a lot of negative press over the years. There are a lot of bad (and false) stereotypes out there about your favorite form of medicine. The tobacco industry, politically motivated moralists, and people who are merely uninformed have all contributed to the proliferation of various marijuana myths. Here are five of them, […]