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The experience of getting high explained

man smoking weed

If you’ve been curious about smoking pot, it’s only natural to wonder what the effects can do to the mind and body. Although everyone has the ability to undergo their own unique experience, the feeling of getting high is strongly affected by your setting, condition, timing, state-of-mind and choice of herb. Needless to say, the temporary […]

How are CBD and THC different?

the difference between CBD and THC

Although many people who smoke weed have knowledge of the varying marijuana strains and hybrids, while others may even know the best smoking method to achieve a particular high, most people who relish in Cheech and Chong do not know the difference between CBD and THC. These two primary cannabinoids, that occur naturally in the […]

Quality ways to smoke the reefer

methods for smoking weed

When it comes to smoking pot there are a plethora of methods that stoners have used to get themselves high. Depending on where you are and what you have access to, you may prefer the simpler methods such as rolling a joint, hitting the bong or loading a pipe. On the other side of things, […]

Weed books to relish in after your first week back to school

books about weed

While books about weed usually aren’t as easy to find bound together between a spine on the usual library bookshelf, there are a plethora of cannabis-related reads available to any habitual reading stoner. While you might not be able to smoke these books, they do have the ability to expand your new-found wisdom with the […]