How to carry recreational cannabis on Canadian flights

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It has almost been a year since Cannabis legalization and many Canadians are still unaware of the rules of flying with recreational weed. While the Cannabis Act sparked quite a few firsts including legal dispensaries, an assortment of e-commerce shops where you can buy weed online and even public places where smoking up is tolerated, many citizens still lack the firsthand knowledge that’s needed when it comes to carrying weed onto a plane. So, if you’re a stoner looking to bring your stash along for the ride, here are the regulations about pot at Canadian airports. 

Consider your final destination

While weed is legal for air travel on domestic flights within Canada, it’s important to consider your final destination, or any stopovers you’ll be making, when you’re packing your favorite herbs into your suitcase. U.S. border official’s emphasis regardless of whether you’re a Canadian or a U.S. citizen, “if you bring marijuana of any form into the U.S., you could be fined, arrested and face state and federal charges.” So, it’s best to hold onto your stash for Canadian adventures only. 

Keep in mind that many airports in Canada run using pre-clearance methods, which means that for many U.S. flights, once you clear customs you’re considered to be in the U.S. even though you remain on Canadian soil. This means that if you’re caught with bud in these areas, you could face trafficking charges or other heavy penalties. 

There are no packing guidelines

Airlines flying within Canada do not require their passengers to provide documentation if they intend to bring weed along, however, companies such as WestJet suggest that patrons give themselves a bit of extra time to accommodate the requirements of local security, customs, and immigration services. Also, since weed is an allowed travel item and there are no formal packing guidelines for non-liquid, carry-on cargo, people can choose to bring their weed on-board however they like. That being said, it’s recommended for passengers to pack dried cannabis in an air-tight container when they travel. 

Consider the amount that you’re carrying

Whether you decide to bring your weed in your carry-on luggage or pack it into your checked bag, the amount you can take onto a domestic flight within Canada is the same as the amount you can carry on your physical person, 30 grams. For reference, 1 gram of dried cannabis is equal to 5 grams of fresh cannabis, 15 grams of edible product, 70 grams of liquid product, 0.25 grams of concentrates (solid or liquid) and 1 cannabis plant seed. So, in short, you’re able to legally carry up to 150 grams of fresh cannabis. 

You must be of legal age

To purchase, toke-up or transport weed by air, you must be the legal age of possession. It’s important to know that provincial age regulations do vary, so be sure to brush up on the age restrictions of the province you’re headed to before you pack for your domestic flight. 

You can’t smoke pot on board

While it should be a no brainer, under Canadian Aviation Regulations, bringing pot aboard an aircraft in your carry-on luggage is permitted, however, smoking it is not. Although, if you have the pre-flight jitters, it’s good to know that you’re permitted to join the mile HIGH club before you pass through airport security. 

Dispensary receipts aren’t necessary

Whether you buy weed online, from a government store or the guy down the street, it’s not required by law to show the receipts from the dispensary where you purchased your cannabis when you’re taking your stash with you on a flight.  

Is there anything we missed in regards to domestic plane travel with weed? Drop a comment below to share your thoughts. 

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