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What are the best ways to save when you shop at thechrono.com?

Buy Weed online at the Chrono Canada

Everyone enjoys saving money and while there are ways to find bargain items when you buy weed online in Canada, why should you need to lower your product expectations just to knab a great deal? The following simple shopping hacks will allow you to smartly take advantage of promotions before you commit to your marijuana […]

What to do with a disappointing weed purchase

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There are times when you buy weed online or at your local dispensary and the cannabis purchase doesn’t quite live up to your expectations. However, the best way to approach the problem is to use up your run-of-the-mill bud by making an empowering comeback through the art of repurposing. So, if your latest order was […]

How to eat healthy when the munchies set in

It’s easy to see why so many people buy weed online — oodles of selection, better prices and the convenience of having your order shipped right to your door — however, the best part of online browsing lies with the plethora of knowledge you can access at your fingertips. For example, have you ever wondered the science […]

How to carry recreational cannabis on Canadian flights

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It has almost been a year since Cannabis legalization and many Canadians are still unaware of the rules of flying with recreational weed. While the Cannabis Act sparked quite a few firsts including legal dispensaries, an assortment of e-commerce shops where you can buy weed online and even public places where smoking up is tolerated, many citizens still lack […]

How can cannabis consumption help with insomnia?

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It isn’t unheard of for people who suffer from insomnia to turn to cannabis use for comfort. In fact, since legalization in Canada last October, more and more Canadians are testing out weed’s therapeutic and sedative properties. So, whether you’re someone who suffers from acute insomnia — one or two sleepless nights that are usually […]