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What to do with a disappointing weed purchase

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There are times when you buy weed online or at your local dispensary and the cannabis purchase doesn’t quite live up to your expectations. However, the best way to approach the problem is to use up your run-of-the-mill bud by making an empowering comeback through the art of repurposing. So, if your latest order was …

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Everything you need to know to buy weed online in Canada

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In a world where vast selection, informative resources and high-quality products are available at the click of a button, buying weed online in Canada is as convenient as it gets. While many stoners have relied on other sources to obtain their stash before legalization, there’s something rather surreal about browsing an online store or dispensary …

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How do hemp-infused topicals affect the body?

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While the effects of weed have a wide-range range, anywhere between subtle and dramatic, there are always inventive and intuitive consumption methods to appease the non-tokers. In fact, the notion that getting high is the only way that your mind and body can benefit from cannabis is a misleading concept that is quickly fading away …