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Your guide to pre-filled oil vape cartridges

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Let’s face it, there are some weed varieties that give us the couch-lock feeling, while there are others that give us the munchies. While both of these side effects can be fun and relaxing, what most stoners really want from their products is care-free convenience and practicality. So, if you’re the type of cannabiseur who relishes in […]

How do hemp-infused topicals affect the body?

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While the effects of weed have a wide-range range, anywhere between subtle and dramatic, there are always inventive and intuitive consumption methods to appease the non-tokers. In fact, the notion that getting high is the only way that your mind and body can benefit from cannabis is a misleading concept that is quickly fading away […]

Cannabis and camping: Consumption rules at Parks Canada campsites

With the official start of summer commencing next week (June 21) you’re probably swamped with the planning of your seasonal festivities — fishing, hiking and camping, of course. While last year’s pending cannabis legalization probably didn’t stop you from indulging on your camping trips, if you’re an outdoorsy stoner, you’ll be excited to hear that […]

How can CBD help with pain?

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While cannabis is known for its soothing compound properties, to an inexperienced user, the period that commences a session is usually associated with euphoria, combined with an overwhelming desire to eat and look at surroundings with admiration. Though these wonderful side effects are rather sedative and elated, there are other elements to cannabis that possess […]