The ultimate pot strains for your hiking adventure

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While hiking is an activity that can be enjoyed all year long, summer brings out some of the best trail conditions and views. Not only does a good trek allow you to take in the scenes of nature, but it can also allow you to fill your day with an activity that’s challenging and relaxing. Although the panoramic views and serene waterfalls should bring out your innermost, tranquil composure if you’re looking to up the calmness of your peaceful climb, why not considering combining two of your favorite past-times — hiking and smoking weed. While there are many ways to get high on a hike and even more awesome strains for your smoke session, we thought it would be best to compile a list of our most cherished recommendations so that you can relish all summer long. 

Agent Orange 

This Sativa-dominant, medical marijuana hybrid (75:25) has all the uplifting side effects to get you pumped for your uphill venture. Not only is it ideal when it comes to energetic properties, but it can also be useful in treating minor aches and pains. So, whether you want to start your hike with a morning puff, puff, pass session or you simply want to place some Agent Orange into your first aid kit, this strain has the perfect get-you-going motivation for all your summertime activities. 

El Muerte 

When you buy weed online, you’re able to find the perfect, high-quality strains for all your outdoor adventures and this particular bud is a Chrono favorite. While El Muerte provides tokers with a euphoric high, mixed with a calming, pleasant aroma, the temptation to sleep can formidably follow shortly after. However, if inhaled in smaller quantities, this refreshing Indica will allow each hiker to decompress atop the mountain. Simply bring a comfy blanket, pack some compact music speakers and indulge by listening to some mellow tunes, while taking a much-deserved power nap. After all, you’ll need the extra energy to make the trek back down!

Master Bubba 

We cannot emphasize how calming the effects that are exhibited from the strain Master Bubba. Another bit of bud that’s best embraced during your lunch break, this Indica-Sativa hybrid brings on a bit of a body buzz. Another beneficial reason to bring this strain along would be for the treatment of mild to chronic pain. While hiking is a pleasurable hobby, it can come with a risk of injury, so if there’s a rolled ankle in your group, the hiker is sure to enjoy a few puffs to treat their ailments. When you buy weed online, you can get this strain using slightly different growing methods, so feel free to try both Master Bubba – Room 1 and Master Bubba – Room 2 and compare.  

What do you look for when you buy weed online for your hikes? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.

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