CBD oil, extractions, concentrates, and more

What kinds of cannabis concentrates, oils and extracts are out there?

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The diverse world of weed-infused concentrates is overwhelming to those who aim to understand the fundamentals of this ever-growing cannabis category. Although tons of extracts can be made from a marijuana plant, not every oil will be a product that you take pleasure in. However, the more you understand about cannabis and its derivatives, the …

buy CBD online

What are CBD crystals and how do you use them?

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When you buy CBD online it comes in diverse forms, and being that you’re a pioneer of the pot industry, it’s always worth researching to find experimental products that may better suit your needs. So, to those who would enjoy or simply require a CBD product with higher potency, it’s high time you learned how …

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Everything you need to know to buy weed online in Canada

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In a world where vast selection, informative resources and high-quality products are available at the click of a button, buying weed online in Canada is as convenient as it gets. While many stoners have relied on other sources to obtain their stash before legalization, there’s something rather surreal about browsing an online store or dispensary …