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How can cannabis consumption help with insomnia?

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It isn’t unheard of for people who suffer from insomnia to turn to cannabis use for comfort. In fact, since legalization in Canada last October, more and more Canadians are testing out weed’s therapeutic and sedative properties. So, whether you’re someone who suffers from acute insomnia — one or two sleepless nights that are usually […]

What are the environmental benefits of hemp?

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As an avid marijuana enthusiast, you likely take pride in your knowledge about cannabis strains when you buy weed online, however, how in-depth is your understanding when it comes to the process of hemp production and the environmental benefits it can offer? In fact, while hemp is taken from the same glorious plant, Cannabis Sativa, […]

How do you freshen up your home from the smell and mess of cannabis?

How do you freshen up your home from the smell and mess of cannabis?

When you buy weed online it’s understandable that when your package arrives that you’re eager to smoke it. That being said, while you may be unaware of the lingering remnants of your daily smoke session — the distinguishable odor and even leftover kief on the counter from rolling a joint — as a responsible user, […]

4 reasons why Christmas is the best time of year if you’re a stoner

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The holiday season is the best time of year to be a stoner. All the darkened streets of your neighbourhood are now glistening with colourful lights, it’s the month where everyone gives and receives (which stoners are usually already so good at) and there are so many options when it comes to delicious sweet and […]

Did you know these 5 hemp-tastic facts about weed?

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If you’re a person that’s enthusiastic about weed then you probably already know all the hard facts pertaining to achieving the best highs or which strain you prefer when it comes to pain. However, cannabis is an incredibly versatile plant that has been used for centuries for various reasons — getting high, chilling out, medicinal and […]