How do you freshen up your home from the smell and mess of cannabis?

How do you freshen up your home from the smell and mess of cannabis?

How do you freshen up your home from the smell and mess of cannabis?

When you buy weed online it’s understandable that when your package arrives that you’re eager to smoke it. That being said, while you may be unaware of the lingering remnants of your daily smoke session — the distinguishable odor and even leftover kief on the counter from rolling a joint — as a responsible user, it’s important to always keep your stoner den fresh and tidy. After all, you wouldn’t want your children or pets to get ahold of your stash. So, that’s why we want to share some important habits to keep in mind so that you’re able to enjoy your cannabis lifestyle while also keeping your habitual routine distant from any potential odor, mess and clutter.

How do you counteract the smell of weed?

As a stoner, there’s no question that you enjoy the intense calming, meditative state that many marijuana strains can offer, however, once the high starts to wear off, the smell that is left behind can often be potent and overwhelming. That’s why we wanted to offer you a few tips for keeping your home smelling fresh.

  • Smoke outside: The easiest way to keep your home from smelling like psychedelic rock concert is to carry out your sessions outside. If for whatever reason smoking outside isn’t a possibility (bad weather, no outdoor access, restrictions, etc.) set up your gear in a well-ventilated area near windows, doors or fans. Also, try to blow the smoke out the window so that the smell won’t be able to sit and linger.
  • Vape: If you’re worried about odor, vaping works as good marijuana consumption method that helps to reduce the risk of lingering smells. Due to the fact that vaping involves zero combustion, it’s one of the most discrete ways to partake in your favorite pastime.
  • Stock up on freshening products: Grab yourself some products that are designed to target and eliminate strong odors. This could include a wax melter, various air fresheners, candles, perfumes, scented sprays and even an essential-oil diffuser.

How do you clean up properly to avoid the mess and clutter?

Since you smoke regularly, you probably own your fair share of storage containers, bongs, rolling papers and baggies. That being said, it’s important to know how to keep these accessories contained so that ash, sticky black resin and lose herb don’t trickle all over your countertops, cupboards and floors. That’s why we wanted to offer you some tips for keeping your gear clean.

  • Use the essentials: Simple household ingredients like rubbing alcohol and coarse kosher salt are just a few products that work really well for cleaning blackened pipes, bongs, grinders and weed storage containers. Also, cheap accessories like pipe cleaners and Ziplock bags work really well when you need to clean and scrub your smoking gear.
  • Clean regularly: Not only does everything work better when it’s clean, but a regular cleaning schedule will also help to keep all your devices and smoking receptacles clean and working in optimal condition.
  • Keep your gear in a designated area: When you buy weed online because your favorite website had a killer sale you may find that you quickly have an abundant supply of herb. That’s why having some form of organization is the key to keeping tidy. So, the best way to handle your devoted collection is to store it in a single, accessible place. Not only will this help you to keep from an overflow of clutter, but it will also help to hide it from any freeloaders that you live with.

There’s nothing wrong with having good habits when it comes to cleanliness and secure weed storage. After all, safe, responsible cannabis use is a great example of maturity and competency.

Do you have any other advice for keeping a spotless stoner den? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.

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