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How do you legally transport cannabis by car in Canada

a person holding a cannabis leaf in front of a car

When you buy weed online in Canada you expect the postal operator to deliver your package according to the shipping information, however, if your bud is purchased at a retail store, you’re required to transport it from point A to B both safely and legally. That being said, it’s been just over a year since the legalization of recreational […]

What is a grinder and how is it used?

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Whether you’re a weed newbie or a long-time smoker who’s wanting to expand your otherworldly knowledge on grinders, you’ve come to the right blog post. While grinders can be purchased both online and in most smoke shops or convenience stores, keep in mind that a multi-chamber device is worth the investment. So, aside from that, continue […]

What tools are needed for commercial cannabis growing?

commercial cannabis growing process

Cannabis cultivation has been booming since last October’s legalization, and those wanting to place their stake in the action have to start by applying for a cannabis license. That being said, while all Canadians of legal age can produce cannabis products for their personal use, if you want to become an industrial hemp grower there are a […]

How can cannabis consumption help with insomnia?

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It isn’t unheard of for people who suffer from insomnia to turn to cannabis use for comfort. In fact, since legalization in Canada last October, more and more Canadians are testing out weed’s therapeutic and sedative properties. So, whether you’re someone who suffers from acute insomnia — one or two sleepless nights that are usually […]

How do you freshen up your home from the smell and mess of cannabis?

How do you freshen up your home from the smell and mess of cannabis?

When you buy weed online it’s understandable that when your package arrives that you’re eager to smoke it. That being said, while you may be unaware of the lingering remnants of your daily smoke session — the distinguishable odor and even leftover kief on the counter from rolling a joint — as a responsible user, […]