4 reasons why Christmas is the best time of year if you’re a stoner

smoking some weed

smoking some weed

The holiday season is the best time of year to be a stoner. All the darkened streets of your neighbourhood are now glistening with colourful lights, it’s the month where everyone gives and receives (which stoners are usually already so good at) and there are so many options when it comes to delicious sweet and savory munchies. Although we know that you don’t need an excuse to get lit on Christmas, these are a few reasons that we feel should incline you to keep your bud bountifully stocked.

The amazing Christmas lights

The festive month of December tends to be one of the most expensive times of year. That’s why smoking some weed and going out and exploring the array of neighbourhood lights is the perfect Christmas tradition to add to any stoner’s holiday activity list. We know that the delicate twinkle of holiday lights can be enjoyed by everyone (weed or no weed), but you’ll never be as enchanted by their glow without a little help from your friend Mary Jane. Being baked just makes the colours a lot brighter and gives the beautiful light displays more definition.

There’re so many things to eat

Now, if you’re a stoner that takes pride in your munchie addiction than the holiday season is the perfect time for you to indulge. Whether it’s reaching your hands into overflowing jars and boxes of Christmas baking or you’re saving the ultimate munch time for the multiple dinner parties you’ll be attending throughout the season, this is the time of year for everyone to stuff their faces and gain a little extra around their mid-sections.

Making it a stress-less time

Smoking some weed has the ability to help with all the added stresses that come along with the holiday season. Whether you’re dreading the time that you’ll spend hosting your in-laws, worried about paying your most recent credit card statement or simply anxious about bracing the shopping crowds, Christmas is definitely known for being an incredibly stressful time of year. Just remember to roll yourself a doob to unwind at the end of the day and your stress, anxiety and worries will turn into relaxation, confidence and calmness. Isn’t that a relief?

Can help with depression

Many people spend the Christmas season alone or spend time reflecting on their loved ones who have passed away. While the holidays can often be referred to as the happiest time of year, they can also be the most depressing. The weather doesn’t help with this either. December is known to be dark, cold and rainy, even with all the holly jolly joy of Christmas lights. It just so happens that smoking some weed is great for depression as long as you select the appropriate strain for your toking session.

How much weed do you plan to smoke this Christmas? Tell us in the comments section below.

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