What are the best ways to save when you shop at thechrono.com?

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Everyone enjoys saving money and while there are ways to find bargain items when you buy weed online in Canada, why should you need to lower your product expectations just to knab a great deal? The following simple shopping hacks will allow you to smartly take advantage of promotions before you commit to your marijuana purchases.

Receive free shipping on orders over $200

Whether you regularly indulge in the medicinal benefits of fresh herbs, the calming pleasantries of edibles and pills or the alluring potency of some out-of-this-world concentrates, it makes sense to make one large order rather than making a smaller purchase and being stuck with high shipping fees. That’s why we do our best to reward those who love our products by waving this extra charge when customers buy weed online in Canada and spend over $200 on a single order. After all, cannabis is legal and the dog-gone days of being at the beck and call of your dealer’s schedule or the business hours of a dispensary should be long behind us!

Receive free matches and rollies with each purchase

It doesn’t matter if you buy a single gram or a plentiful half O, every purchase made by a user will receive a box of matches and a package of rollies to say, “thanks” and “smoke up”. The best part is that unlike plastic lighters, matches are made from wood and are fully biodegradable, which means that you’re doing your best to be an eco-conscious toker. Also, how many times are you ready to roll a j to share among friends and you’re all out of papers?

Spend more and acquire a free survival kit

Not only do you save on shipping costs when you purchase in bulk, but those who choose to spend $300 or more (excluding the cost of t-shirts) will receive a free Chrono survival kit. What’s included in the kit, you ask? Well, our team personally selects a selection of sample products and a handful of well-loved accessories to accompany your order. The best part is that if you have a special request, such as you prefer concentrates over some herbs, just let us know in the order notes section and we will do our best to accommodate it in your kit!

Take advantage of super sale items and special promotions

Those who buy weed online in Canada know that it can add up quickly, so we strive to give our customers the opportunity to put away added savings. One way is by offering a discount on select herbs, which we label as “super sale” and cut the price by at least 40%! Another way that we allow our clientele to save on their orders is by offering special promotions sprinkled throughout the year. Sometimes these sales are seasonal and accommodate a distinctive holiday and other times we just feel like hosting a promotion! While our website banners will likely reflect that we’re having a sale if you want to be one of the first people to know we recommend subscribing to our newsletter to promptly learn about time-sensitive deals!

Which of the above offers appeals to you most? Drop a comment below so we’re able to gain insight on what type of campaigns and tactics interest you.

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