What to do with a disappointing weed purchase

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There are times when you buy weed online or at your local dispensary and the cannabis purchase doesn’t quite live up to your expectations. However, the best way to approach the problem is to use up your run-of-the-mill bud by making an empowering comeback through the art of repurposing. So, if your latest order was dry, stale or boring, read on to find out how it can be salvaged. 

Mix it with a better product

Unless your bud smells or looks funky it doesn’t make sense to throw the batch away. There’s always a way to repurpose an unsatisfactory product by simply grinding it down to mix among another top-notch commodity from your bountiful stash. If you simply aren’t loving the experience or flavor of your cannabinoid content, consider incorporating it into a blend that exuberates a more aromatic appeal. Whether you combine your disappointment with another high-quality herb or you candidly coat it with a wicked concentrate, you’ll likely be able to better enjoy the nugs when they pack a more ambrosial punch!

Eat it instead

Now, you wouldn’t just go ahead and eat a helping of raw cannabis, but if you’re unhappy with your bud order why not celebrate your love of edibles by making some cannabis-infused butter, cookies or delicious brownies? Some pot enthusiasts are likely to dump a premium strain into their adventurous baking, however, when it comes to consuming cannabis, it’s always best to save the more potent, aromatic strains for smoking, opting to use the less authoritative ones in your cooking. Trust us when we say that you’ll get the same joy and satisfaction from steeping your submissive order, leaving only the prime leftovers for your dabbing needs. 

Turn it into a topical 

When you buy weed online there’s a certain degree of cerebral sensation that’s expected on a high-quality purchase, but if your weed lets you down, why not get crafty and creative by making some topical body products? While this method of consumption won’t be getting you high, slathering an infusion of hemp-infused oils and creams can localize relief from pain and inflammation. So, if you’re keen on forging a do-it-yourself weed product, why not test the waters with your more unfortunate schwag?  

Do you have some other shrewd ways to use up your crummy cannabis? Drop a comment below to share with our readers. 

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