Gift ideas if you have a stoner mom

buy weed online

buy weed online

Are you a last-minute gift-giver? Do you struggle to think of something mindful and purposeful? Well, you’re in luck because we have an idea that’s both thoughtful and practical when it comes to celebrating your mom this May 12. After all, a cannabis-inspired endowment is incredibly thrilling if you have a stoner mom and there are a lot of appealing options to choose from!

Gift her some fine herb

If your mom is an amazingly hard worker, she deserves some extra time to unload and relax this Mother’s Day. That’s why when you buy weed online as a gift, you’re able to first read other customer’s comments in order to find out which strain may offer the most suited taste and effect that she would be looking for. So, if she has trouble taking a breather perhaps wrapping up a killer Indica wouldn’t be such a bad thing? She’ll have no problem loosening up with the calming influence of some BC Rockstar, Pink Kush or Purple Afghani. On the other hand, if your mom relishes in a more uplifting and invigorating smoke to increase her energy levels she will most likely enjoy Sativa’s, such as Island Pink and Strawberry Cough. Although if you’re really unsure, just hand over your computer and allow her to buy weed online herself at your expense. Now that’s a thoughtful gift!

Gift her some hemp body products     

Everyone enjoys high-quality, all-natural body products so we’re certain that your mom would be stoked if she unwrapped some cannabis-infused wellness products. That being said, you’re able to choose from a wide selection of delicious smelling soaps, an assortment of enticing bath products and even some lively cannabinoid health and wellness gifts like citrus pain cream. Needless to say, if your mom is a dog lover, you could even present her with some hemp-infused pet products for her pooch. You’ll not only be her kid, but you’ll also be her best bud will a gift like this!

Gift her a weed t-shirt

A nifty, unique t-shirt might be the way to your mom’s heart, especially if she loves pot leaves! While there are tons of budding options to choose from if she’s not afraid to flaunt cannabis, she will adore the texture of comfort of our signature options. After all, having a few weed t-shirts to choose from is never a bad thing when you’re a stoner mom who relishes in any reason to reflect admiration for marijuana culture.

Which item(s) are you hoping to gift your stoner mom on Mother’s Day? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.  

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