How can cannabis affect your allergies?

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When you buy weed online you’re opening the door to a variety of shopping advantages — more choices, a wide assortment of information about each strain and its effects as well as the potential for some incredible discounts. However, it can sometimes be difficult to find the right information pertaining to how cannabis can affect your health and well-being. So, if you’re greatly affected by the start of allergy season — finding it hard to breathe or fighting watery eyes — it may be beneficial for you to find out how the exposure to everyday dust and pollens, alongside cannabis smoke, may help or hurt your summer allergies.

How do allergies work?

Allergies are the body’s way of protecting us from foreign invasion. In fact, allergic reactions are triggered by a harmful substance that gets into our system. Just like your body sends antibodies to attack viruses or bacteria that invade your body’s systems, it will also send antibodies to attack the invasive substance. Since our bodies are all different and are triggered by an assortment of things within our environments — foods, medications, fauna and air pollutants — these antibodies trigger a chemical called histamine to bring on allergic symptoms like sneezing, a stuffy nose or some itchy inflammation.

Can cannabis help with your allergies?

This is a tricky question that can’t possibly possess a definitive answer. While cannabis may be able to help reduce the effects of allergies for some consumers, it may cause allergies to heighten in others. Although it’s important to note that while cannabis can enhance a particular side effect, it’s rare for it to trigger an allergic reaction.

On a positive, there are cannabinoids that are known for their anti-inflammatory properties which is one of the reasons that cannabis is so commonly used for medical purposes. Whether you’re someone who’s dealing with nasal inflammation, airway hyperactivity, asthma or an immune overreaction, it may be helpful to consult with your physician and buy weed online to use as a means to counteractive an intense reaction. That being said, THC is also a cannabinoid property that people use to help with their reactions such as skin irritations and as a means to open up air passages.

How does cannabis play a role with histamine?

One of the main ways that cannabis has the ability to help with your allergies is by reducing the amount of histamine that is released into your body’s system. Preventing histamine has the power to hold back some of your allergic responses. So, in a nutshell, suppressing histamine activation could prevent or reduce the severity of your allergies.

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