Vaping or smoking? Which yields a higher potency?

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While smoking continues to be the classic trend amongst weed enthusiasts, vaping has emerged to offer an experience all its own. Though both consumption methods offer an efficient mode of THC delivery, many of our customers are curious as to which of the two options pack the most punch. After all, when you buy marijuana online, while reviews are helpful to determine flavour and dosage, they don’t always explain in detail how the potency yields in comparison to other products. So, whether you’re a seasoned toker who’s wanting to shake things up, or you’re a vaper, curious about adding weed into your daily routine, we’re here to examine the pronounced effects and determine which practice offers you the right effectiveness. 

How weed can be smoked

While the majority of cannasseurs roll their ground bud into a joint to smoke, there are numerous other ways to smoke your flower. Of course, these methods are entirely dependent on the preference of the smoker, their environment and the given situation.

  • Joint: Easy. The only tools you need are smoke are some papers and a grinder. 
  • Blunt: Common. The same basic idea as a joint, however, you’ll need blunt wraps rather than rolling papers. It’s also a good option for tobacco smokers, as they’re able to add tobacco leaves into the mixture.
  • Pipe: Straightforward. Pipes are small and compact and don’t even require you to break up the bud before you light up. 
  • Bong: More advanced. Structurally bongs are ideal for calming of the harshness of inhalation. They’re also good for those who want to conserve their bud, as each toke often hits the smoker quicker than other smokable methods. 

Smoking weed triggers your cannabinoid receptors which activate the pleasure response within the brain. As your dopamine (the chemicals in your brain that make you happy) levels increase and flood your system, they enact a pleasing “high” feeling that’s so often associated with weed. Obviously, this enjoyable feeling is only as satisfying as your tolerance level allows. 

What is vaping? 

Cannabis vaporization is when your weed reaches a high enough temperature to produce vapor, without fully combusting. The heat allows the active ingredients, THC and CBD, to be released into the air through the help of your device. Without full combustion, no smoke is produced, therefore, you’re able to be more discrete when you’re indulging in your favorite past-time. The best part is that you’re easily able to vape both flowers and concentrates. 

Which method is more potent? 

While the potency of the substance you’re consuming is measured by the total concentration of cannabinoids (chemical compounds that act on our endocannabinoid system to stimulate psychoactive and physical effects), the effects of vaping are known to differ from smoking. In fact, commonly when people buy marijuana online, those who vaporize cannabis flower express that they receive more pronounced effects than when they smoke the same dosage. Why is this? Well, studies have found that vaping leads to higher blood concentrations of the chemical, which heightens the effects of impairment. So, when you buy marijuana online, we recommend that you take things slow to start. If you relish in the on-the-go simplicity of vaping, approach it by researching your dosage prior to usage, especially if you’re an infrequent consumer. After all, a high that’s managed will lead to a more relaxed, pleasant experience rather than a paranoid, irritable one. 

How do you measure the potency when vaping?

The best way to measure the potency of any marijuana product is to smart off small and work your way up. If you’re vaping herb, it’s rather easy to determine how the bud will affect you. Simply load your device and take a few hits as you see fit. However, if you’ve added shatter or distillate to your blend, the cannabis oil may offer a much different experience. Those looking to manage their high should find out which effects they’re seeking out. Those wanting a body-numbing high should try a concentrate that has a higher Indica ratio (couch lock), whereas products with higher Sativa concentrations will promote a clearer mind. Also, keep in mind the following:

  • What is the THC content in your product?
  • What terpenes (aromatic oils) are in your product?
  • Are there any fillers or cutting agents in your product? 

The more you know about what you’re vaping, the more control you will have over your high. 

Do you prefer to vape or smoke your weed? Drop a comment below to start a conversation. 

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