Why buy weed online from the Chrono

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Life has changed a lot since the advent of the Internet. We once had to leave our homes to do pretty much everything, but now many people have the ability to work, shop, play games and even date from the comfort of their homes. Weed is even an accessible commodity to purchase online and there are quite a few reasons to do so.

It’s convenient

Even if you live in a city with legal dispensaries, like Vancouver, it’s hard to match the convenience you get when you buy weed online. No matter the time of day, you’re only a few minutes away from having your order placed and you can do it conveniently without leaving your home. How awesome is that? You can also pay by credit card. An added feature which not all dispensaries, and especially not your local dealer, can offer.

There’s more variety

If you’re used to buying weed from a dealer, you’re used to asking, “What strain do you have today?” It’s an entirely different world if you buy weed online. There are tons of options for you to browse by categories such as sativaindica or hybrid herbs. Not only can you buy green, but there is also a variety of ediblespills, and concentrates available as well. You can even narrow your scope to products high in either THC or CBD. No dealer can match that.

There are reviews

The herbs, edibles, and other products in our online store have tons of reviews. For us, this is an important facet of our business. We want marijuana users to find what’s right for them and one way we can facilitate that is by helping customers make informed decisions. We also encourage you to leave your own review after you’ve purchased from us, that way it can help others make the right toking choice.

Why do you like to buy weed online? Let us know in the comments below!

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