Indica vs. Sativa: What’s the difference?

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Whether you’re a first-time pot smoker, a ganja enthusiast, or just someone that enjoys the casual toke of some green Mary Jane, understanding weed and what it has to offer is the first step towards knowing what the right strain is for you.

Budtenders often will introduce your dispensary visit with recommendations that are based on what effect you hope to achieve by smoking pot.  

What are the strains of weed?

Aside from the overwhelming, distinct smell that lingers in the air whenever pot is around, this wild plant has the ability to offer distinct strains that produce bud offering various side effects that may differ from person to person.

Cannabis indica and cannabis sativa are the two main types of cannabis plant that are used to create most of the smokeable green, however, you may notice that strains are commonly mixed into a hybrid form. Hybids often take a little bit of sweetness from each herb palette. Aside from their genetic origin, both indica and sativa look different in shape, flower at contrasting times from seed stage and offer a diverse taste to the consumer.  

Cannabis indica: What is it?

Indica was created for the body. This downer strain is believed to be more physically sedating and therefore is a perfect relaxation tool to use while watching a movie or helping catch up on some z’s at the end of a long day. Indica, metaphorically, melts you into your sofa and is frequently used in assorted marijuana edibles — cookies, candy, chocolate and even less traditional snacks such as cereal. Although many people use indica for recreational purposes, its relaxing state makes it a very desirable strain for medical purposes.

Cannabis sativa: What is it?

Sativa focuses on the mind. This dynamic strain is believed to provide the brain with more uplifting cerebral effects making it pair well with physical activities, social gatherings and creative projects. It is problem-solving, energetic strain and is usually more potent and is often associated with having some hallucinogenic properties. Puff, puff, pass and hand your vape pen or sticky rolled joint to the next person in the circle and enjoy the mesmerizing state it offers.

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  1. christineborden says:

    I am fighting depression and chronic pain every day. I tried a 90% sativa shatter and for the very first time, I felt happy and energetic with some pain relief. It also lasted for hours.
    PERFECT mix for me.

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