What are CBD crystals and how do you use them?

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When you buy CBD online it comes in diverse forms, and being that you’re a pioneer of the pot industry, it’s always worth researching to find experimental products that may better suit your needs. So, to those who would enjoy or simply require a CBD product with higher potency, it’s high time you learned how you could benefit from CBD crystals.  

What are CBD crystals? 

Most of us know that CBD is an active compound in cannabis that’s used to treat pain, insomnia, and anxiety conditions, however, the crystals of CBD — the purest form of that can be extracted from the cannabis plant — are relatively unexplored by enthusiasts. Mimicking the look of fine sugar, CBD crystals can be found in edibles, tinctures, vaping liquids, dabs, and even skincare products and as an all-natural cannabinoid supplement, they’re slowly expected to become more and more popular on the market. 

What’s are the most efficient ways that they’re used?

CBD crystals are more of a luxury product since the meticulous process of isolation involves separating CO2, resins, and other volatile oils from contaminants, creating a refined isolate powder. In most cases when you buy CBD online, especially CBD crystals, the higher the quality of the product, the more costly the price. So, expect to pay a bit more for commodities that contain a potent punch from CBD crystals.

Since CBD crystals aren’t as commonly used among marijuana goods, sometimes you’ll need to find some DIY inspiration:

  • Edibles: Arguably the easiest, and most common way to use CBD crystals, edibles can be crafted from melted-down or powder dissolved CBD crystals. Unlike other cannabis compounds, when you purchase CBD crystals, you’re able to expand your scope of edible choices because they can be added to fatty foods rather than the typical sweets, such as cookies and brownies. So, why not get creative with your next homemade dish? 
  • Tinctures: Although not as common, CBD crystals can be combined with olive, coconut, and hemp seed oil by being dissolved, steeped and cooked over low heat. Then a dropper is all that’s needed to place the potent tincture under your tongue for pain and stress relief. 
  • Skincare: The beauty world has become a cannabis giant, infusing CBD into various skincare creams, lotions, and soaps. However, CBD crystals make it possible for DIY cannabiseurs to make their CBD-infused skincare products, and since CBD possesses antioxidant properties, it can be utilized to clear acne and age spots, as well as applied to the body to treat mild pain. 
  • Add it to your joints: If you just want to buy some CBD crystals to give them a try, we recommend crushing and sprinkling the crystals onto your ground cannabis before rolling up a joint. When smoked, the crystals are known to provide users with an elevated experience for joint and muscle pain. 

How do you determine the appropriate dosage?

While it’s incredibly unlikely for you to overdose on CBD, it’s important to know the right dosage of CBD crystals when you’re making your satisfying products. So, like anything, start with small doses and gradually work your way up as you become more experienced with the product. That being said, if you want to determine the right dosage for you, there are a few factors that need to be considered — weight, metabolism, state of health — however, it’s suggested that 5mg to 25mg daily is an adequate amount for most users. Those who want to buy products online rather than make them themselves should habitually check the labels of the items and stay within the advertised dosage. Also, remember to take a 4 to 6-hour break between doses to allow your body some time to feel the full spectrum of effects of your chosen or crafted product.

Do you have any more questions about buying products online or making your own using CBD crystals? Drop a comment below to start a conversation.  

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