Weed books to relish in after your first week back to school

books about weed

books about weed

While books about weed usually aren’t as easy to find bound together between a spine on the usual library bookshelf, there are a plethora of cannabis-related reads available to any habitual reading stoner. While you might not be able to smoke these books, they do have the ability to expand your new-found wisdom with the perfect set of weed-related diction to transform your thoughts into a higher state of mind.

Weed: The User’s Guide, by David Schmader

This user’s guide covers everything from how pot helps cancer patients, to fruit bongs, to the hilarious paranoia that is often associated with smoking too much weed. This book is the perfect read for a long-time stoner or for someone that wants to do a little humorous research before they take their first puff.

Beyond Buds, by Ed Rosenthal

This award-winning novel discusses the various marijuana extracts that are available and what they are best used for. It includes relatable techniques and explores popular marijuana trends. A perfect read if you are looking to expand your smoking knowledge.

Weed the People, by Bruce Barcott

Although this novel is a few years outdated, being that it discusses the debate surrounding potential legalization in America, it still offers tons of profound insights that will help you get ready for the sale of legal marijuana in Canada. It also offers a very innovative glance into what might be expected as our societal norms change come legalization. Is weed okay to bring to a neighbourhood party? You’ll have to read the book to find out more!

Pot Culture: The A-Z Guide to Stoner Language and Life, by Shirley Halperin

This book about weed encapsulates exactly what the title suggests. It is a novel about the history, lifestyle and language of marijuana. Everything from the best stoner-friendly movies and music to a composite list of all the latest slang terms. It’s the ultimate weed book for any marijuana loving literary critic.

Which of the above books about weed will you be enlightening your mind with this semester? Tell us all about it in the comments section below.  

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