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The countdown to weed legalization begins

marijuana legalization

The long-awaited journey is almost over with a mere five days left until recreational pot is legalized nationwide. Cannabis will be legal as of October 17, 2018, which means that Canada will then become the second country in the world with controlled weed access. The government aims to regulate production, distribution, sales and possession of […]

Weed books to relish in after your first week back to school

books about weed

While books about weed usually aren’t as easy to find bound together between a spine on the usual library bookshelf, there are a plethora of cannabis-related reads available to any habitual reading stoner. While you might not be able to smoke these books, they do have the ability to expand your new-found wisdom with the […]

Do you have a green thumb? What you need to know before growing your own marijuana plant

growing your own weed

Avid gardeners rejoice! With the legalization of pot on the horizon, Canadian federal law has permitted adults to grow their very own marijuana plants. Here’s what you need to know before putting your green thumb to the test. What will the rules and restrictions be? Must be over the age of 19 to grow your […]