Must-have cannabis-infused accessories for any camping trip

cannabis-infused accessories

cannabis-infused accessories

There is no better way to celebrate the amazing summer heat then to disappear into nature with a big ol’ bag of weed, some good friends and a durable camping tent. Since the idea of escaping into the woods for your Labour Day weekend pretty much means disconnecting yourself from reality, it’s probably a good idea to bring everything you might need to make your weekend holi-daze both practical and cozy. Here are a few cannabis-infused accessories that will remind you why hemp is super lit!

All-natural hemp lip balms

Made with tons of essential oils and herbs, this beauty product is the ultimate item to bring along on a long-weekend campout. All the dryness in the summer air stands no chance against its rejuvenating properties. Designed to soothe and heal dry, chapped lips, these absolutely dope hemp lip balms are available in cinnamon, spearmint, vanilla and natural flavours.

All-natural first aid kit

Every weekend camping trip starts all smiles and ends with a hangover. Prevent this almost inevitable venture with a headache pain roll on. Featuring the subtle smell of lemongrass and lavender, this wellness product will aid in making your migraine disappear. If you have pain somewhere else, why not try the cramp roll ons or pain creams that we carry? As fast acting hemp medicine, both products provide a warming and cooling action that works to reduce the pain and sedate the tension. What can’t marijuana do?

All-natural pet care

Now how about taking extra special care of the creature that loves you the most… your dog. Man’s best friend deserves the absolute best and you’d be surprised just how many organic products and cannabis-infused accessories are available for them. Our brand, Apothecary, also features a pet line of organic products called, Apawthecary. Whether your pup needs relief from irritated hot spots, nourishing protection for their nose or simply need a good massage between the wrinkles on their face, these hemp-infused products are great for treating and preventing these discomforts. Got an anxious dog? Reward him/her with an all-natural hemp treat.

We already know that you smoke weed, but have you tried using hemp-infused products? Tell us all about it in the comments section below.


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  1. Devin says:

    I’ve tried a lot of the lip balm and i find it works great especially with working outdoors in all types of weather especially with the flavours. I find them a,to in my survival packs which I find to be a bonus because variety is always nice.

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