Quality ways to smoke the reefer

methods for smoking weed

methods for smoking weed

When it comes to smoking pot there are a plethora of methods that stoners have used to get themselves high. Depending on where you are and what you have access to, you may prefer the simpler methods such as rolling a joint, hitting the bong or loading a pipe. On the other side of things, smoking weed can also be a great opportunity for you to get creative. Homemade gravity bongs, fruit pipes and hot knifing are fun, imaginative and downright mastermind inventions that allow you to smoke your green when you don’t have easy access to funky glass receptacles. Needless to say, let’s dive into some fanciful ways to smoke weed.

The classic joint

It doesn’t get any more typical, easy or standard then rolling your green between some sticky papers and lighting it up for an enjoyable toke session. Once you master the art of rolling, joints are often the most convenient method for smoking weed with papers widely available for purchase at various shops, gas stations and convenience stores. Needless to say, even the most experienced stoners enjoy getting back to the basics and indulging in a smoothly rolled doob.

Stylish bongs and pipes

Glass receptacles have revolutionized the way that people get stoned. Sleek in their design and offered in many shapes, sizes, colors, patterns and even objects and characters, bongs and pipes are a fun way to take a few hoots without taking the time to roll a huge joint. Perfect for lazy stoners that just want to get high and practice clearing all their smoke in one go.

Homemade gravity bongs and fruit pipes

Sometimes the most enjoyable part about smoking weed is the ability to mix it up. Gravity bongs are homemade masterpieces that can be made from simple household items that you can find just laying around although 2L pop bottles work best. For starters you’ll need to cut the top of the bottle off, insert the bottom of the bottle into a container (preferably in your kitchen sink) and use the cut off cap to make a bowl your green. Once your setup is complete, light your bowl, slowing raise the top of the bottle up and enjoy your high!

Another lively, visionary way to get stoned is by transforming a regular fruit into a pipe. We’ve explained this in an earlier post, refer to that if you’re feeling whimsical.

Resourcefully hot knifing

When your supply is seemingly long, hot knifing is a good method to try to conserve your green. The kitchen stove can also prove to be resourceful for this weed smoking tactic. Begin by cut a 2L pop bottle in half and place the top part aside. Next heat up two knives (butter knives work fine) and once they are nice and hot, place your nug onto them squeeze it between the two. As the smoke rises, use the cut bottle to inhale the smoke. It’s super effective and gets you pretty faded.

Which of the above methods for smoking weed is your favourite? Tell us in the comments section below.

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