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What are the best ways to celebrate 4/20?

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Are you looking for a crafty way to elevate your 4/20 experience? Well, other than simply getting high with some friends, there are numerous other ways that you can make this unofficial stoner holiday a memorable one. So, regardless of whether you’re planning to attend a community pot protest, discover what your green thumb can […]

The countdown to weed legalization begins

marijuana legalization

The long-awaited journey is almost over with a mere five days left until recreational pot is legalized nationwide. Cannabis will be legal as of October 17, 2018, which means that Canada will then become the second country in the world with controlled weed access. The government aims to regulate production, distribution, sales and possession of […]

What can Canada learn from Uruguay legalizing weed?

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As the countdown to weed legalization in Canada continues to excite long-time advocates and recreational users, it is important time to reflect on what can be learned when it comes to legalizing Marijuana. Uruguay became the world’s first country to legalize cannabis when pharmacies started selling the product to consumers last summer and although there […]

Molson Coors is looking to create bud infused beers

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Happy International Beer Day! Today is a day for beer lovers everywhere to indulge in a frosty cold one and maybe even try a new recipe — weed infused beer. With only a few months left until Marijuana becomes legal all across the country, Denver-based Molson Coors Brewing Co. is looking to take advantage of […]

A Brief History of Weed Legalization in Canada

Famous Weed Activists

In the summer of this year, marijuana is finally set to become legalized in Canada. That being said, the fight against prohibition hasn’t been an easy road. Last month we detailed the exploits of three recent Canadian marijuana activists, but the truth is that weed legalization in Canada has a much broader history than just that […]