Microdosing Marijuana 101

microdosing marijuana

Sometimes more doesn’t mean better. For a lot of pot smokers, microdosing, or using a very small amount at a time, is the way to go. It’s not necessarily for everyone, but it does have its fans. Here’s everything you need to know about microdosing marijuana.

What Is Microdosing?

Microdosing is taking a tiny dosage of a substance in order to experience a limited or lessened version of the product’s effects. Pot smokers didn’t invent the concept of microdosing; it’s actually more traditionally associated with hallucinogens like LSD and mushrooms. But it’s recently been discovered that the threshold for the medical benefits of marijuana may be much lower than experts had previously thought and, as a result, microdosing has caught on in certain corners of the weed world. Try LSD Shatter.

Why Do People Microdose Cannabis?

With marijuana, and its medicinal components (THC and CBD), taking more might not always equate feeling better. For instance, most people have something of a “sweet spot” in terms of using weed as a relaxation tool. Just the right amount can calm you down, but if you overdo it… well, we’ve all been down that unfortunate path before. If you’re using marijuana as medicine, that sweet spot may be lower than you would expect. In fact, a 2012 study on using cannabinoids to treat cancer patients discovered that while THC and CBD do decrease pain, in most patients, a low dosage of the compounds actually led to more pain reduction than a high dosage.

What Conditions Are Suited to Microdosing?

Some medical conditions are more effectively treated with microdosing than others. As mentioned in the above paragraph, pain relief is well-suited to microdosing because the cannabinoids that treat the issue kick in at a low threshold.

Mental health disorders and other brain-related issues have also been successfully treated by microdosing marijuana. For some people, treating depression with a tiny amount of pot is successful, but an overly strong dose can lead to the patient feeling sapped of energy. Similarly, while many sufferers of anxiety find that microdosing marijuana calms them down, too much weed has actually been known to increase feelings of paranoia. Microdosing can also be a successful strategy for patients trying to focus during the day or to sleep at night.

How Do You Microdose?

If you’re smoking herb, microdosing can be difficult because it’s impossible to know exactly how much THC and CBD you’re consuming. But with practice, you can get pretty good at figuring out the effect that, for example, one small- or medium-sized toke has on you. With edibles, on the other hand, you can see exactly what you’re taking. That makes it easy to learn precisely how much THC or CBD your body or brain needs to feel the way you want. Experiment with 5 or 10mg at a time, and pretty soon you’ll discover exactly how much weed you need to eat and how often. If you think microdosing might be for you, or you’re curious about trying, check out our selection of edibles in the store.

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