How to make a homemade pipe or bong out of fruit

homemade fruit brong

homemade fruit brong

Have you ever had some solid chronic but nothing to smoke it out of? How about as everyone is puff, puff, passing around the circle, your friend lets the glass pipe slip between their fingers? Well, for as long as there have been stoners munching their way through bags of salty potato chips, there have been potheads making pipes out of pretty much anything they can find around the house. Yet, even if you don’t shatter your prized smoking rig, you may just enjoy the flavor that comes from sucking that sweet THC out of homemade fruit bong.

What do you need to make it?

  • Your choice of fruit (popular choices include apple, orange, banana and melon).
  • A bowl, banger or nail (basically something to place the weed on top of).
  • A mouthpiece (use a straw or a tube for this)
  • A pair of scissors, a knife or a pen (this is needed to puncture a hole).

How to make the fruit bong?

STEP #1: The first thing that you need to do in order to make your very own homemade fruit bong is to dig a decent sized hole in the middle of your piece of fruit. This will allow your bowl, banger or nail to squeeze in nicely. Use your scissors to carve out the hole, then use your bowl to widen the tunnel. Be sure to make the gap wide enough to fit the bowl, but not too wide that it isn’t sealed.

If you don’t have a bowl handy you can just place the weed directly inside the hole and smoke.

STEP #2: After you have sculpted your bowl to perfection, you will need to make another tunnel to use as your mouthpiece. This pocket needs to connect to your bowl hole in order for you to get cheeched.

It’s literally that easy! You’re now ready to give your homemade fruit bong a go.

What’s your favorite fruit to use as a bong? What other homemade methods do you use to smoke your green? Tell us in the comments section below.

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