Food That Enhances Your High

Food That Enhances Your High

Food That Enhances Your High

For the most part, everything is better when you’re high, and that definitely includes eating. There’s a reason why having the “munchies” is basically the ultimate stoner stereotype. When you’re high, food tastes delicious. But that’s old news. By now, everyone knows that being high enhances eating food. Did you know, however, that eating food can enhance being high? That’s right. There are a whole bunch of foods that chemically work to improve your high. Here are a few of them.


It’s been proven that this exotic fruit is one of the quintessential foods that enhance your high. The reason why is because mango is highly concentrated in compounds called mycene tarpenes. The mycene tarpenes bind with the receptors in your brain that process THC, the psychoactive component of weed, and thus enable your brain to get high faster and stay high longer. You can achieve this by eating a mango before or after you get high. Or both, because, let’s be honest here, mangos are delicious and there is no such thing as eating too many mangos.


Chocolate and weed have something in common: they both contain chemical compounds that produce feelings of euphoria when consumed. When you smoke weed and eat chocolate at the same time, your brain receptors are more active and thus better at producing these euphoric sensations. It’s a situation where the sum is greater than the parts. And what’s better than the sum of chocolate and marijuana


Broccoli is not quite as sumptuous as chocolate, and maybe not as fun as mango, but it’s great for enhancing the effects of marijuana. Broccoli contains beta caryophyllene, which works with the cannabinoids in marijuana to more effectively reduce inflammation and physical pain. If you’re smoking weed for pain relief, considering steaming or frying up a batch of broccoli the next time you toke up.


This one should be obvious! You want foods that enhance your high? Eat something scientifically designed to do just that. Check out our selection of edibles and see what looks yummy.

What are your favorite foods that enhance your high? Let us know in the comments below!

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