Benefits of Edibles

Benefits of Edibles

About 25% of Canadians smoke pot each year, but what a lot of people seem to forget is that there are other ways of consuming marijuana. With recent advances in technology, weed can now be consumed through the skin or even under the tongue. Also, a classic method of receiving the beneficial effects of weed, eating edibles, is being revamped. Edibles are now a science. Different foods being cooked at different temperatures need different quantities of weed and only recently have edibles manufacturers started studying this to maximize the quality of the products they produce. As a result, edibles are now better than ever. Here are some benefits of edibles for those who are uninitiated to the wonderful world of getting high by eating.

The High from Edibles Lasts Longer

When you smoke weed, you usually stay high for about one to three hours. When you eat edibles, you often stay high for as long as seven hours. The reason why is because smoking pot sends the THC directly to your central nervous system while edibles distribute the THC throughout your body. If you’re looking for a long-lasting high, edibles might be for you.

The High from Edibles Takes Longer to Kick In

This may or may not be a benefit to you. But let’s say you’re going out and want to be high when you get where you’re going, and not on the way there. Eat an edible and head on your way; you’ve still got at least an hour before the high kicks in.

Edibles Don’t Damage Your Lungs

It’s well-known that smoking weed isn’t nearly as detrimental for your lungs as smoking cigarettes. But eating edibles is even less detrimental than that. It simply has no negative effects on your lungs. You can’t beat that.

Edibles Give You a Different High Than Smoking

It’s not that one’s better or worse than the other, but simply that they’re different. Just like smoking it, eating weed will affect your mind and body, but it’ll affect them in different ways. You might find that edibles are more effective for putting you to sleep, or getting you in the mood to spend a day hiking. You’ll have to try them to find out.

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