5 tips for first-time pot smokers

first time smoking pot

first time smoking pot

Since recreational cannabis was legalized last October the result was the budding of many inexperienced smokers. So, if you’re a doobie newbie and this is your first time smoking before you go out seeking any surreal experiences, extraordinary encounters or simply joining the first puff, puff, pass circle you see, we recommend that you read through these help first-timer tips.

Be prepared to not get high

Many first-timers don’t get high after their fundamental encounter with the green stuff so, if you’ve failed to catch the buzz, try to not let it discourage you.

Start by tweaking your inhalation style and attempting to hold your hit as long as possible. If that isn’t working, you might just be fighting it. Well, not you physically, but the cannabis receptors in your brain might be resisting the effects. The best thing to do in cases like this is to focus less on getting high and focus more on finding a state of relaxation. Lastly, if it’s your first time smoking pot and you still aren’t feeling a eutrophic state of awesomeness yet, try smoking a different strain of weed. It’s possible that the particular type that you’re hooting has a low THC content and it’s possible to possess a naturally higher tolerance.

Choose the right smoking receptacle

Now, if this is your first time smoking pot, how you’re choosing to smoke can make all the difference in the effects that you feel. It’s best to ease down the experience when first experimenting with weed and stay away from heavy bongs rips, dabs and concentrates. We suggest that you start by loading a little bowl into your pipe and slowly advancing your way up the stoner ladder. After all, for novice smokers, even a small joint can result in hours of paranoia and discomfort if they haven’t built up their tolerance.

Allot enough time

It’s incredibly important to not cram your first-time smoking pot into the same hour you’re on your way to a job interview. Weed has the potential to lead you on a rollercoaster high that’ll have you giggling, munching and even passing out all within a short time frame. While advanced smokers are able to allow the time that’s needed to avoid any scheduling conflicts, if it’s your first time smoking pot we suggest clearing your commitments for the day and taking some extra time to relax and enjoy the heavy-bodied feeling of comfort at your own leisure.    

Surround yourself with people you trust

Although this rule of thumb can be applied to many aspects of our everyday lives, when it comes to cannabis consumption you should surround yourself with the people you feel comfortable with. By ensuring that you’re with your crew in a familiar, comfortable environment, you’re setting yourself up for a wicked initial experience.

Learn your limits

If you’re still feeling your way about getting high it’s important to know your limits. If you feel stoned after one hit, feel free to follow the rotation and pass the joint along. Your mission is to enjoy the pleasurable sensation that weed offers, not to learn the hard way by greening out — feeling sick or passing out after smoking cannabis. Just know your limits and act accordingly until you gain more experience with weed.

Any first-timers out there? Feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions about giving weed a try.

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