3 best weed strains for chilling out on cold days

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With increasing periods of rain, wind and possibly even snowstorms, your urge to curl up indoors with the best weed strains in hand and avoid the final winter elements is probably rising. That’s why it’s important to stay cooped up with a plethoric stash of the strongest weed strains that’ll make it more bearable to remain at home. So, if you simply can’t muster the energy to leave the cozy comforts of your living space, then we recommend that you snuggle up under a blanket, switch on some reverberating tunes and inspire a profound love for some of the best strains of cannabis that were made for lounging during the harsh winter months.

Blue God Indica

When we pondered our selection of the greatest weed strains to find one that would encourage our customers to chill on the couch, the first one that came to mind was our Blue God Indica. This fantastic cannabinoid combination has a moderately high amount of THC content — a little over 20% — which means that after a few hits of this bud, you’ll have no problem sitting down and relaxing for the rest of your evening. Though this particular strain lacks CBD content, it’s a good choice for treating irritability, chronic pain, insomnia and the daily stresses of everyday life. So, whether you just aren’t feeling up for an evening of festivities, a weekend of errands or really anything largely physical, this grape-tasting Indica will offer you a calming body buzz, a few sleepy yawns and the ultimate couch-lock effect following some heavy bong hoots.

True OG Indica

If you’re looking for some herb to help you sleep through windy, winter storms than our True OG Indica has the ability to help you achieve an incredible night’s sleep. While it’s known for its powerful skunky smell, this strain also possesses some citrus undertones paired with a hint of exotic spices. Containing a moderately high THC content — at an astounding 22% — this medical strain has the power to blow you away into a wintery dreamland. While many of our strongest weed strains are able to relax the body and treat medical conditions, we often recommend this particular Indica to experienced stoners who suffer from insomnia. After a few hits of some True OG, it’ll be easy to ease yourself into a state of relaxation, while after an entire joint you’ll find your eyelids feeling incredibly heavy.

Orange Skunk Sativa

While sinking into your sofa is rather unwinding, some stoners find tranquility when they simmer down with their chores or calming hobbies. That’s where a dominant Sativa strain would benefit your lifestyle. When the weather is far from enjoyable outside, remain inside and puffing our Orange Skunk hybrid blend, consisting of an 80/20 Sativa combination and a low THC content — a 12-16% concentration level — this beautiful bud is perfect for recreational use if you’re seeking a strain with some more stimulating properties.

Which weed strains will you be curling up with this winter? Tell us in the comments section below.

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