4 factors that affect your high

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Understanding the circumstances that affect you and what you look for in your high will help to empower you as a cannabiseur. While some people prefer the more soothing effects that bring on a mellow buzz, others are further geared towards a heavy, sedating body high. Regardless of which side of the spectrum allows you to enjoy weed the most, there are outside factors that also require some oversight before you revel in your latest purchase. Nevertheless, we recommend being mindful of the following four ways that can affect the outcome of your high. 

Your environment

Did you know that your surroundings can play a crucial role in how your cannabis high affects you? In fact, you could buy weed online and smoke the same strain you always do, but if you change up your environment you may find that you have a divergent, contrasting experience. This is because the mood that you exhibit towards the ambiance of your surroundings — happy, relaxed, comfortable, tense, anxious or uneasy — can wildly affect your high. So, it’s important to consider your comfort level in the place that you have chosen, especially if you’re a novice marijuana enthusiast. Also, keep in mind who you chose to be in your company and whether you want to be inside, in nature, alone or with a crowd. Preparing yourself mentally leads to the best possible experiences when you’re getting high. 

Your delivery method

Whether you enjoy smokingvaping or eating edibles, the ways you ingest your cannabis each come with an ability to affect your body differently. Eating a pot brownie and vaping, naturally, are processed differently. Not only is the consumption, right of the bat, different, but the duration of the high in edibles often takes longer to kick in and is known to have lasting effects. Also, a certain degree of dosage control is dependent on the delivery method you choose. For example, puffing a joint usually hits you rather quickly, giving you more time to slow down your pace and control the effects of the high, whereas, edibles can sometimes hit you rather suddenly an hour or two later and at this point the cannabis is already in your system and it will need to run its course. As a result, you need to understand your limits and enjoy your consumption abilities. 

Your dosage

While this factor seems rather obvious, you’d be surprised at how many people who just buy weed online simply because of well-written product descriptions or stellar customer reviews. While both of these texts can prove to be helpful when you’re deciding between two popular herbs, they can also sway you to purchase a strain that lacks an even balance and possesses a high potency and THC level. So, be sure to know what kind of high you’re looking for so that you’re able to hit that sweet spot and enjoy every session.  

Your tolerance

No two people are exactly alike, and the same can be said for your tolerance level. In fact, many apparent factors can affect your tolerance — frequency of consumption, age, gender, body chemistry, and what you’re consuming. At the end of the day, you need to know and understand your tolerance level so that you ascertain how much you can consume to achieve the high you want. 

Are there any other factors that affect your cannabis high? Drop a comment below to start a conversation. 

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