The experience of getting high explained

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If you’ve been curious about smoking pot, it’s only natural to wonder what the effects can do to the mind and body. Although everyone has the ability to undergo their own unique experience, the feeling of getting high is strongly affected by your setting, condition, timing, state-of-mind and choice of herb. Needless to say, the temporary feeling offers a plethora of amazingly powerful and subtle stimulations.

It can enhance your focus and concentration

Some people who smoke weed feel an increase in their ability to focus, making their surroundings more stimulating and their senses more intense. Your body’s autonomic responses, such as breathing and the beating of your heart, may all of a sudden sound louder and become more noticeable because the experience has been enhanced due to the effects of the weed.

This is where your state of mind comes into play. If you go into the situation, eat some edibles and believe that it is going to be a positive, enriching experience, then chances are the things you concentrate on are going to be wonderful. Although if you’re nervous, or don’t feel comfortable with the people who are around you, you have a much higher chance of having a bad trip, because your body will intensify your insecurities.

It doesn’t actually affect your ability to remember

Relative to popular belief, cannabis is actually used as a memory trigger — evidence suggests it can help seniors retain and recover old memories. Although the immediate feeling of getting high may temporarily cause a short-term memory interruption. Needless to say, even people who smoke weed often still can remember all of their important personal information.

It can open a door to creativity

Smoking weed can offer users a new perspective. Often because of their enhanced concentration, the feeling of getting high pairs well with profound thought or creativity bursts. When you are stoned you can connect to a deeper understanding and perception, see something from an entirely new perspective, or play out thought-provoking ideas. Sometimes when people are under the influence of weed they are more spontaneous and are less worried about being judged.

May experience paranoia and anxiety

Novice marijuana smokers may experience a sense of discomfort when they smoke weed. Often smoking too much cannabis can lead to a feeling of paranoia — probably due to a negative state of mind prior to smoking or the enhanced sensation that is often a side effect. The best thing to do is to remind yourself that the feeling doesn’t last long and it is best practice to try altering your perception by using this time to relax rather than panic. No matter what, the effect will always wear off.

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Can help you to relax

The feeling of getting high, on a physical level, helps to relax your muscles and reduce spasms. Many people turn to the substance as a means to calm down after a long day or to help with the pain of injury. Depending on the strain you smoke, you may find that this state of relaxation makes you feel tired, while on the other hand, some people can feel relaxed but still energized to get their everyday tasks done.

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