Why is it important to explore different strains?

With cannabis more accessible than ever before, those who buy weed online in Canada possess the ultimate avenues to test out an assortment of strains before settling on a few that meet their physical and mental needs. However, before you select from the choices that complement your senses, you must first understand which categories of weed there are to pick from. 

Every strain has something different to offer

Even seasoned marijuana users can’t possibly know everything there’s to know about how cannabis interacts with the receptors in their bodies. While the physical and mental effects vary from strain to strain, various factors determine the type of experience consumers will have after testing out a new cannabis product. So, rather than selecting a weed strain based on its cool name, why not buy weed online in Canada that aligns with the effects and experience you’re looking for.  

Strains with a heavy, body high

Often coupled with feelings of euphoria, strains that possess a heavy, body high make users feel weightless and uninhibited, altering the perception of the space around them. Strains that exemplify these types of effects possess an indica dominance, which works great for pain relief, an increase in appetite, and can even be used as a sleeping aid. In turn, strains that enable a heavy, body high will make you feel as if you’re melting into your couch, which allows users to better enjoy the perks of more mellow activities such as watching movies and playing board games. 

Consider the following if you’re drawn to the effects of indica: Blackberry KushBubba Fett, and Death Bubba.  

Strains with a head high 

Creative, connection-building effects are produced through the consumption of a strain that offers a head high, otherwise known as a sativa-dominant strain. Typically paired with a “heady” sense of euphoria, sativas are less likely to drain your energy levels and are often used to better visionary activities, such as painting or composing music, and can even make something dreadful, like your Sunday chores, more fun by keeping your motivation levels productive. 

Consider the following if you’re drawn to the effects of sativa: Pink Starburst and White Widow. 

Strains for medicinal use only  

There’s a multitude of cannabis strains that possess a clinical, rather than a recreational perspective, which is determined by the percentage of THC and CBD in each product. THC is the psychoactive ingredient in weed that contributes to a dispersal of a delightful, euphoric feeling that many users enjoy, whereas CBD interacts with different receptors in the brain to affect things like mood, memory, pain and sleep regulation. 

Keep in mind that while CBD cannabis products might not come with the same recreational benefit, their health impacts can be huge! 

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  1. Rita says:

    I am experimenting as I feel that marijuana is marijuana. One strain is no different then the other, they get you high. I’ll keep a log to see if there really is a noticeable difference. Looking forward to this.

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