How to plan a cannabis-themed vacay

Whether you’re choosing to have a staycation, keep the travels close to home or venture off somewhere far, far away, you’ll be flying high with these pot-friendly options for you and your travel companions. After all, as a recreational cannabis user, you deserve to enjoy your favorite past-time around the globe. So, focus your next vacation on a hot spot that embellishes cannabis freedom! 

Plan to visit a cannabis convention 

While 420 events usually spark the appeal of cannabis activists, with global advisories and border restrictions inhibiting travel and large gatherings due to the covid-19 spread, many cannabis-related conferences and events have been canceled. However, if you look to June and beyond, there is still an abundance of exhibitions that plan to move forward and bring international and regional companies together. With everything from the Cannabis Europa London conference in the UK to the Cannabis Drinks Expo in San Francisco, California, there is a multitude of options for weed enthusiasts. So, why not plan your 2020 vacation hotspot around a sweet get together of like-minded individuals? 

Join a cannabis tour 

Cannabis tourism exists all around the world, and while not everyone is lucky enough to live in a place where marijuana is freely available and legal, the industry is booming, as more and more weed-friendly states and countries consider being added to the green-list. Keeping that in mind, a few popular options include Vancouver (and other large, Canadian cities), Colorado, and Amsterdam. All of the above cities currently offer guided tours of dispensaries, lounges, and chill spots in their regions for cannabiseurs to enjoy local strains. The best part is that they often come with safe, organized transportation between the pot-related activities. Nevertheless, while you could book a tour and get the most out of your experience, if you’re planning to visit and have a longstanding trip it’s worth it to buy weed online in Canada, as the prices are cheaper and the options are greater. 

Pair cannabis with some fun experiences

Whether you go on vacation to spend your time in the great outdoors, indulge in the local cuisine or simply explore creative districts, such as art galleries and museums, all of the following activities can still be thoroughly enjoyed while you’re high. So, regardless of whether you hit up a local dispensary in Colorado, or you buy weed online in Canada and ship it to your accommodation right before your arrival, you’ll be able to smoke up and enjoy all of the elements of your getaway, even if the place you choose isn’t full of weed-friendly activities. After all, the dimensions of the culture can be fully appreciated while under the influence and if you aim to relax, we would say that this is a fitting match for your cannabis-infused holiday! 

Do you have any recommendations for cannabis-friendly activities or destinations? Drop a comment below to share with our readers. 

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