What are the best ways to celebrate 4/20?

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Are you looking for a crafty way to elevate your 4/20 experience? Well, other than simply getting high with some friends, there are numerous other ways that you can make this unofficial stoner holiday a memorable one. So, regardless of whether you’re planning to attend a community pot protest, discover what your green thumb can do or simply groove to some mind-bending tunes, just know that there are a number of possibilities when it comes to celebrating the monumental progress of cannabis culture.

Try something new

Expanding the realm of your comfort zone to open your mind to new, insightful experiences is part of what makes weed so empowering. So, if you’ve always been someone who’s drawn to an assortment of herbs, perhaps it’s time that you stepped up your pot game by testing out some marijuana pills or delicious edibles?

Marijuana pills come in a variety of strengths and have the ability to offer you some psychoactive qualities and even some compelling pain relief. So, regardless of whether you’re seeking a mind-altering effect — THC marijuana pills — or you’re more interested in providing alleviation for your aching body — CBD marijuana pills — a new understanding is both refreshing and comforting. The best part is that the same wisdom can extend into the world of edibles. Just be open to some different encounters, know your limits and go along for the ride!

Take a hike

There’s just something lively about embracing natural surroundings while high that just makes the adventure so much more invigorating, so, instead of smoking up on your couch at home this 4/20, how about you roll a joint and climb new heights to a fantastic panoramic view? Just remember to bring a bud along to revel in the experience with you.

Have a succulent feast

Even the most experienced stoner suffers from the munchies a time or two, so, would it really be that bad spending your entire day gorging on your favorite delicious foods? If there is any day where it’s acceptable to give into your sudden desire for sweet and salty snacks, 4/20 would be that day! Now… just to find the right strain to bring on your appetite!

Attend a celebratory event

Many cities around North America are famous for their pot-inspired, cannabis-cultured celebratory events that take place every year on 4/20. Here are a few popular choices if you’re hoping to attend a larger meetup where you can mingle with a crowd or even meet tons of awesome, informed vendors.    

Is there another way that you’ll be proclaiming your love for weed on 4/20? Share with our readers in the comments section below.

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