How to properly store your weed

store your cannabis

To all the novice pot smokers out there that are curious about the proper way to store your cannabis, this little guide is packed full (just like your bong) of useful tips and methods to consider. After all, isn’t keeping your green fresh, potent and smokable one of the most important rules of stonerism? That being said, at it’s our job to educate you about the key elements to consider such as storage temperatures, humidity factors, surrounding light source and a couple other helpful weed storage tips.

What temperatures should you store your cannabis in?

Ironically, while marijuana flourishes in warm, bright environments during the growing and budding phase of its lifecycle, once the decadent buds are matured and harvested, it’s important to store your cannabis in a mildly cool, dark place if you want it to thrive for long periods of time. Although you probably smoke through a lot of your stash in a short period of time, this storage method is important if you’re the kind of stoner who keeps your supplies rather large. Excessive heat dries out the cannabinoids in the plant material making the substance a much harsher smoke, while lower temperatures slow the process, keeping your green ripe for the smoking.

Humidity factors to consider

Controlling the humidity levels of your storage area is paramount in keeping your stash in prime conditions. So, if you want to keep mold and mildew away, you’ll need to keep your weed stored in a controlled environment. A properly sealed container or an impenetrable baggy will maintain the color, consistency, aroma and flavor of your preferred weed strain.

Store your cannabis in the right lighting

UV rays can be harmful to organic materials and degrade your weed over time. So, it’s incredibly important to store your cannabis in a dimly lit environment — ideally in a cupboard or drawer. Keeping your weed out of direct light will also help you to control the surrounding temperature.

A couple extra do’s and don’ts


  • Consider separating your strains in order to maintain their flavor storage.
  • Use vacuum sealed jars to minimize oxygen exposure.


  • Keep your cannabis out of your refrigerator and/or freezer (the temperature and humidity of the environment fluctuate too much).
  • Don’t store your green above anything that gives off heat (ex. microwave)
  • Keep your weed paraphernalia away from your cannabis so that the burnt materials don’t interact with the fresh buds.

Do you have any other questions about how to store your cannabis? Drop a comment below and we’re happy to answer your questions.

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4 thoughts on “How to properly store your weed

  1. James Spence says:

    Your good advice on proper storage of weed seems to suggest to me that a refrigerator would be an excellent place to store it; but then you explicitly state otherwise – but you don’t indicate why. The only reason I can think of why the refrigerator would not be ideal, is that it might dry out the weed over time. My own experience has been that this is not an issue if you carefully store your weed in a sealable food storage bag, and then keep this in a sealed jar or metal or plastic container. It should also be kept in mind that many people who live in apartments or relatively small living areas will have few options of where to stash their weed without stinking up their living quarters, other than the refrigerator. Otherwise, thanks for the excellent article.

  2. Alex Wilks says:

    Hey James,

    We’re glad that you enjoyed that article and we’re sorry for not elaborating a little better.

    The research that we have found in regards to storing your weed suggests that you need to keep in it stored in a cool, dark place. While your refrigerator may seem like a good choice, the reason it’s not recommended is that the area is too cold and fluctuates too often in humidity, while freezing your bud can make it brittle. That’s why a garage or cupboard would work best. However, it’s entirely up to you on what works for your living situation. We will update the article to reflect this.

    Thank you.

  3. Kevin Martin says:

    The Fridge is a dry environment, hence the term “freezer burn”. A fridge does not cool , it exchanges heat.

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