5 Different Ways Marijuana Can Be Used?

a person holding weeds in a small bowl

While it’s rather mainstream to associate weed with simple, smoking delivery methods, it’s important to know that the vibrancy of cannabis is diverse and so are its consumption methods. So, whether you use marijuana recreationally or you reap the health benefits it provides, the beginning of 2020 is the perfect time to learn about something brand-new, so why not acquire knowledge of the variety of usage techniques available? 


Whether connoisseurs choose to buy weed online or at their local dispensary, smoking is the most common method that’s used to consume cannabis. That being said, it can be done numerous ways including, rolling your bud into a tightly wrapped joint, hollowing out a cigar and replacing the contents with weed or by simply igniting the end of a colourful bong, pipe or hookah. While novice enthusiasts are likely to be introduced to some, if not all, of the above smoking methods, many seasoned users will continue to smoke regularly, using their creativity and ingenuity to fashion smoking receptacles out of soda cans, pieces of fruit and pretty much anything that can be crafted into an inventive pipe. 


Although vaping is a relatively new method of consuming cannabis, it’s also incredibly popular, as it’s a small, easy-to-carry and concealable way to inhale all your favorite strains. Vaporizers either heat weed to a point of combustion or in most cases where the pens are disposable, it heats an oil instead. The active ingredients, once heated, can be inhaled just like smoke, making them sensible options for those who enjoy convenience but not the taste, smell or high that smoking offers. 


This method of consumption is similar to vaping, however, it uses extracted THC resins, such as hash oil, wax or shatter. To indulge in the following technique, you’ll need a glass pipe or bong and a small blowtorch (butane lighter) to heat the receptacle. You’ll want to heat your bowl before you place the resin extract into it, as the temperature enables the product to become vapor almost immediately after it comes into contact. Dabbing is known to offer a very different type of high over smoking and vaping. 


If you’re the type of stoner who savors home-baked goodies, why not combine two of your favorite past-times, eating and getting high? While you know that you can buy weed online, many people still aren’t aware that a variety of edibles are also available. In a nutshell, cannabis oil is extracted from marijuana plants to be used in an assortment of delicious cooking and baking recipes or simply just mixed into foods and ingested orally. For those who may not like the flavor, there are also weed pills that come in capsule form! Did you ever perceive that marijuana would have such a vast edible menu? 

Topical methods

Body products infused with cannabis are quite the buzz on the market, supplying cannabiseurs and those with aches and pains, a nourishing, long-lasting and alleviating treatment that’s all-natural and rejuvenating. So, if you have any discomforts or soreness in your muscles or you simply love the organic selection that comes in cannabis topical form, you may want to check out the variety of products available. And since weed possesses endless health benefits, why not delight the outer senses of your body by cleansing your skin and lathering your cannabinoid receptors to reduce inflammation? 

Are there any popular consumption methods that we missed? Drop a line to share your thoughts with our readers.

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