4 Ways to Counteract an Overpowering Cannabis High

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Whether you’re a leisure cannabis consumer or a seasoned fan, chances are that you’ve reached a point of no return where you’ve felt way too high above your comfort zone. Sometimes edibles decide to kick in later than anticipated or you simply take one too many bong hits. Nevertheless, there are lots of ways to calm yourself if you’re feeling caught off-guard with the unpleasantness of overwhelming cannabis effects. Just remember that you don’t need to panic and try to keep in mind the following pointers for the next time you place an order and buy weed online

Know your limits before consumption 

While this tip won’t help you feel much better once you’re already over the edge, it will help you to be more prepared next time you choose to indulge. Knowing your limits allows you to select a strain with a comfortable potency level that will keep you feeling calm and collected. Another consideration that impacts limitations is the people you surround yourself with. Strangers may make you feel pressured to take more than you can handle, so be sure to ingest things slowly, especially if you’re testing out some solid edibles (wait an hour or two before increasing your dosage). On the other hand, the same goes for inhalation methods as well. If you’re used to taking a few hits from your personal pipe, we don’t advise sitting in a circle passing the bong around. 

Keep hydrated

Whether you prefer combustion, concentrates or edibles, cottonmouth always seems to strike in the aftermath of it all, which is why you need to remember to keep a nice, cold beverage in hand to combat the dryness. Keep in mind that hydrating doesn’t mean knocking back a few beers or a glass of wine, rather drinking water or juice and keeping yourself away from caffeinated and alcoholic beverages that can increase your THC blood concentration. So, if you’re feeling the effects of the strain a little too aggressively, you’re able to remain grounded by sipping on some water and even grazing on some light snacks.

Take a walk 

If you’re struggling to shut your brain off from whatever sense of panic it’s in, sometimes fresh air and a change of scenery are just what your body needs. Just remember to remain nearby to your immediate surroundings so that in your stoned stupor you don’t wander off and get lost because of the anxiety or paranoia. Also, know your body! If you’re feeling light-hearted or woozy, refrain from walking and instead opt to lay down for a while until to allow your high to fade. 

Keep distracted

There are tons of entertaining activities that you can distract yourself with if you’re starting to feel strong effects from your cannabis of choice. Some suggestions include: 

  • Watching a funny TV show or cartoon
  • Listening to some music
  • Playing your favorite video game 
  • Talking to a friend (either someone who’s with you or someone who you can call)
  • Snuggle with a significant other or a pet
  • Eat something delicious
  • Colouring (adult colouring books are all the rage, lately) 
  • Do a puzzle 

Use whichever distraction helps you to feel calm. After all, your brain just needs a gentle reminder that you’re safe and that your high will wear off in time. 

When you buy weed online it’s always good to read reviews to see which strains match your personality type. Whether you enjoy an upper that keeps you moving or a relaxing buzz that settles you down, there are endless options for all types of consumption capacities. 

Do you have any other tips for when cannabiseurs have way too much? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.

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