How to better understand dosage when ingesting cannabis edibles

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Edibles have taken a far-reaching turn over the last decade going from simplistic gummies to a wide selection of high-quality baked goods, brownies mixes, beverages, and even versatile cooking oils, all of which provide an assortment of desired effects. Aside from the endless health benefits that come with consuming cannabis-infused edibles, they’re an easier, more intuitive choice for those who’re on the hunt for something different. So, before you head on over to our website to buy edibles online, why not quickly brush up on some important must-knows about edible dosage?  

What does the dosage mean? 

When you buy edibles online, the potency of each product is measured differently than a cannabis flower or concentrate. So, rather than showing a percentage strength, the potency is indicated in milligrams of cannabinoids contained within the product. Each edible package will typically show how much THC and CBD there is per serving, including the total milligrams that are contained in the entire package. For example, if you purchase an edible chocolate bar, the entire item may read as having 50 milligrams of THC, so if your desired dose is only 5 milligrams, then you can divide the bar into 10 pieces to spread them out over time. 

How do you find the right dose? 

There are many factors to determine which dose will work best for you, which means that if you’re new to buying edibles and are currently working your way through the experimental stage, it’s important to know the accurate dosage of your product before consumption. While the average recommended dose for beginners is between 1 to 5 milligrams of THC, you need to consider the time delay that it may take before you start to feel the effects. So, if you don’t know what feels comfortable quite yet, start small and gradually increase your dose over time. 

How do edibles work? 

While you may buy edibles online based on their excelling customer reviews, it’s important to also know how they interact with the body before enjoying their pleasurable effects. When you consume an edible, just like any food product, they’re absorbed through the gut, only to become metabolized by the liver. Then, the remaining THC circulates through the heart to reach the brain. The metabolized compound is called, 11-hydroxy-THC and is a potent, more sedating cannabinoid then found in most herb products. Keep in mind that different people experience varied effects that can be impacted by their weight, age, and gender. However, in most cases, the process can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours before you will start to experience the full effects of your edible. 

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We hope that the above, dosage guide has better helped you to understand more about cannabis edibles. If you have any burning questions, please drop them below and we will promptly reply.

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