How does cannabis affect men and women differently?

marijuana side effects

marijuana side effects

While it’s commonly known that cannabis can possess varying side effects based upon age, weight, tolerance level, frequency of consumption and strain potency, interestingly enough, studies show that women and men also have the ability to process cannabinoids differently than each other. While there are obvious biological differences between men and women, it’s incredibly important to understand how various chemical components affect the body. Marijuana side effects can vary from person-to-person and gender-to-gender and this recent research has possibly unfolded a link as to why men and women process the drug differently. That being said, these are some fascinating facts that we’ve pulled from the study.

Women are more sensitive to weed

Researchers found that when comparing the effect of cannabinoids on the two genders, novice female consumers were generally more sensitive at first, but were quick to develop a high tolerance level. The reason behind this outcome is unknown, but it’s suspected that estrogen may play a part.

Estrogen has the ability to interfere with our endocannabinoid system by regulating receptor density and signal transduction. So, smoking may affect a woman differently depending on where she is in her ovulation cycle.

Men are more likely to get the munchies

Generally speaking, men are more inclined to get the munchies because their cannabinoid receptors and fixed sensitivities. The “munchie effect” was studied using a group of both male and female rats, showing that THC actually stimulated the appetites of the males more than the females. While the scientific reason is still unknown, it does explain where all your tasty snacks are going!

Women are more likely to rely on cannabis for anxiety

As a wonderful medicine that is known to help alleviate social anxiety and stress, women are more likely to use weed as a way to regulate their mood although both sexes can benefit from this delightful marijuana side effect.

Men are more likely to try weed

While both genders are fairly represented as weed enthusiasts, men are four times more likely to try weed and usually will smoke higher doses much more frequently than women will. Studies show that this is because of a combination of sociocultural factors, biological factors and hormonal fluctuations.

Women are more likely to forget something when their high

Not only are women more prone to experiencing a great amount of visuospatial memory impairment after they consume cannabis, but because of this marijuana side effect, they have a harder time creating internal maps, finding their way home or remembering where their phone has ended up.

Men are more likely to use weed for pain

The pain-relieving effects of cannabis are an appealing reason to increase your consumption, however, men are more likely to benefit from the therapeutic effects of cannabinoids in comparison to women. This research may correlate directly with the fact that women, over time, will possess a greater tolerance to the substance and therefore will be unable to use it for pain relief.

Do you know any other interesting differences when it comes to marijuana effects between men and women? Tell us in the comments section below.


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