What are some differences between eating edibles and smoking weed?

eating edibles and smoking weed

eating edibles and smoking

Eating edibles and smoking weed? Some people enjoy the slow moving feel of eating edibles, while others ravish in the almost instant intoxication that smoking weed can offer. Whatever your ingestion of choice is, consumers are using weed to provide pain relief, aid with better sleep and as a relaxing alternative to drinking.

Here is a simple breakdown about a few of the differences between hallucinogenic snacks and toking up.

1. THC is absorbed differently

Why is it that edibles always seem to hit you with a much stronger high than smoking weed? Well, when you ingest cannabis rather than smoking it, the THC is metalized by the liver and is then converted to 11-hydroxy-THC. This active form is effective in crossing the blood-brain barrier, which gives you a much stronger high.

On the other hand, when cannabis is smoked, the THC travels directly to the brain, bypassing the organs and making the effects come on faster but disappear quicker.

2. The Effects and duration can vary

Be patient. Due to the metabolism of edibles, it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours before the full effect kicks in. Don’t be surprised if the high lasts several hours. Consumers usually feel a much stronger body effect, accompanied with a foggy high feeling, when eating large amounts edibles. A piece of advice, eat smaller amounts and work your way up to obtain a mild and comfortable effect.

Smoking weed, although it delivers a much larger percentage of THC to the bloodstream, is known to dissipate its effects within 30 to 60 minutes.

3. Edibles potency is harder to calculate

The THC content of a homemade batch of brownies is not easy to measure. Due to the delay of effects, people sometimes over or underestimate the dose they are consuming. Although smoking has more instant effects, it also allows the toker to control their intake by gradually increasing their smoking amount.

4. Edibles are a healthier way of ingesting cannabis

Many people are drawn to eating edibles because they don’t enjoy the harsh coughing that is associated with smoking weed. When you think of edibles you probably visualize a chocolate brownie or a bag of candy, but there are many products currently on the market that offer a more versatile taste. Perhaps you’re interested in trying cannabis-infused cereal?

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