The ultimate stoner Halloween costume ideas

Halloween costume

Halloween costume

Halloween is probably one of the most lively and entertaining festivities of the year. That being said, it’s also a superb annual celebration that allows you to let your creative energies loose. Whether you enjoy browsing ready-to-wear costume ideas or finding a little inspiration by means of social media, if you’re a marijuana enthusiast you may want to try one of our do-it-yourself suggestions. Who knows? Maybe our hilarious stoner inspired Halloween costumes will spark up a conversation…or a blunt in your direction?

The Grim Reefer

This particular costume choice is subtle enough to wear to your office Halloween party and it’s easy to put together after a quick trip to the thrift store. Simply drape a long black robe or coat over your clothing and mirror mythology by painting a skeletal visage onto your face. Yet, instead of collecting your victims after some freak accident, tell them a joke…they may even giggle to death.

A Baked Potato

Not everyone chooses the traditional spooky route when it comes to selecting the perfect party attire. In actuality, some of you may feel a bit more inspired by your everyday surroundings. That’s why the baked potato may be a good option for you. This animated ensemble incorporates an ordinary, sometimes boring food, and turns it into an ingenious dress up idea. Anyone else feeling hungry?


For all of you who are marijuana enthusiasts who also love the animated TV series, South Park, don’t forget to bring a towel to your next Halloween extravaganza. Dressing up as the 4/20 friendly towel, Towelie, would be the ultimate stoner approved hit… who likes to take hits. Simply strap a light blue towel with white stripes around your neck, grab your favorite bong and relish the evening by being in character.

Cheech and Chong (Weed Costumes for Couples)

No green friendly party would be complete without a visit from the famous free loving hippies, Cheech and Chong. Whether you need a couple’s costume idea or your best friend wants a dynamic duo of a costume, this classic stoner getup is fun, not totally burnt out and easy enough to replicate. Prepare to be up in smoke!

Are there any other weed-friendly Halloween costumes that you can think of? Tell us in the comments section below.



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