Stoner-friendly Valentine’s Day gifts for your partner

A stoner knows all about love at first sight — it’s a bong with a fully packed bowl, a big bag of weed you forgot about or a joint that’s waiting to be smoked. However, aside from the enticing smells, tastes and alluring feelings that pair perfectly with getting high, there’s another kind of love that’s worth celebrating… your valentine.

Valentine’s Day is one of the annual calendar dates that have the ability to spark romantic opportunities amongst lovers. So, as a symbol of your love and devotion, why not use one of these weed gift ideas to show your sweetheart that they truly are your best bud?

Give the gift of herb

While the concept of strawberries with a dollop of whipped cream sounds pleasantly enticing, when it comes to stoners and weed gift ideas, a fruit smelling herb will demonstrate a higher level of excitement when it’s unwrapped on Valentine’s Day. The hybrid strain, Strawberry Romulan, is a popular choice in terms of aromatic smell. Its thick, fragrant clouds provide you with a more relaxing high, which makes it easily smokable throughout the day. If you’re looking for another type of herb with a unique flavor, you’ll absolutely love the floral tones of the hybrid strain, Lavender Skunk. With a hinted mix of spicy aromas, combined with lots of sweet lavender flavor, this tasty herb is known for its euphoric, happy side effects.

Give the gift of body products

If your Valentine is already loaded with a plentiful stash, then perhaps a few body products would suffice as a thoughtful, weed gift idea. Whether it’s an artisan-made bar of hemp infused soap, a nourishing, therapeutic bath bomb or some all-natural, skin ointment, you’re Valentine won’t be disappointed with any cannabinoid body products. Furthermore, if your beloved has a tail and a wet nose, then spoil them with some hemp-infused, organic dog products.

Give the gift of stoner-themed accessories

Another easy, sure-to-please weed gift idea for your Valentine would be to surprise them with a comfy, weed-inspired t-shirt. It’s a safe, practical present for someone that doesn’t believe in going above and beyond on Valentine’s Day. And, not to be blunt, but we’ve got some really wicked styles. If your admirer doesn’t like it when their paramour does the shopping for them, you won’t fail to amaze them when you gift a nifty dabbing tool, a pack of stellar rolling papers or a brand-new herb grinder.

We hope that you and your stoner soulmate have yourself a one-of-a-kind, weed-inspired Valentine’s Day!

Which one of our weed gift ideas sparked your interest? Tell us in the comments section below.

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