Slang words for weed and how they differ

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Cannabiseurs are always coming up with great new ways to reference their most cherished past-time and if you’re planning to talk among your friends or in online forums, it’s always best to know some modern terms, especially if you want to remain discreet. So, before you buy weed online in Canada, how about learning the latest references for marijuana, how it’s measured and some cultural and consumption slang? 

Terms used to talk about the plant itself

  • Weed: In comparison to other greenhouse foliage, marijuana is known to grow like a weed and can thrive pretty much anywhere it can find warmth and moisture. 
  • Nug: This term refers to premium cannabis or the “nugs” of the plant. Essentially, the top flowering buds of the plant stalk contain the highest concentration of cannabinoids and will be the best products for a potent high. 
  • Bud: Similar to the above definition, bud is a term that found its origin in the description of a specific part of the cannabis plant. 
  • Dank: Often a word that’s used to describe wet, moist or unpleasant areas, alternatively, dank in weed culture references premium weed. Similar to how a skunk leaves behind an unpleasant smell, strong-smelling cannabis aromas are described as dank and are sought after due to their high-quality. 
  • Reefer: This term has some history and at its route, some Spanish origins. In Mexican, the word for someone who’s under the influence is “greefo” which was translated to reefer by North American culture. 
  • Herb: Routed to point to the healthy, nutritional, and medicinal properties, the term herb categorizes the weed products that are from the smokable parts of the plant. 
  • Chronic: This word has a bit of a funny history. Are you familiar with the first couple of times that you smoked up and the coughing fit that followed? Well, chronic is a reference to that moment of chronic coughing, meaning its good stuff! 
  • Ganja: Probably one of the best slang terms for weed, ganja is the Hindi word for hemp plants. 
  • Flower: Referring to cannabis in its cured plant form, the term flower is not as common as most of the above slang. 

Terms used to talk about weed measurements 

  • Sack: Whether you buy weed online in Canada by ordering a 20-sack, 40-sack or dubsack, the term sack is used to reference the amount of cash that you’re willing to spend on your bag. 
  • Gram: When it comes to cannabis purchases a gram is usually the smallest amount that you can grab from a dispensary. 
  • Eighth: An eight of cannabis is 3.5 grams or approximately ⅛ of an ounce. 
  • Quarter: Also commonly referred to as a quad, a quarter of weed is roughly 7 grams or a quarter of an ounce of bud. 
  • Half-O: That’s it, keep up the math skills because a half-o of cannabis is 14 grams or a half-ounce. 
  • Zip: This term comes from the OG baggie, aka the Ziploc bag. So, if you’re requesting a zip of weed, you’re essentially purchasing an ounce worth of sticky icky. 
  • Quap: Some high-rollers love to buy their bud in bulk so if you have the storage space for a quarter pound of cannabis, then you’ll want to place a quap order or a QP. 

Terms that are thrown around in modern weed culture 

  • Hit: When you take a “hit” you’re inhaling cannabis using some sort of smoking receptacle. It also refers to a single puff. 
  • Session or sesh: When you and a few of your friends meet to smoke it’s referred to as a sesh. 
  • Puff-puff-pass: For those of you who know this cannabis etiquette you know to never take more than two puffs at one given time. That’s right! Have a puff, another puff and then pass it over to the left-hand side. 
  • Wood/Dutch/Swisher: All of these words are slang terms for blunt wraps. Wood is a Backwood, Dutch is a Dutch Master (aka Dutchie) and Swishers are common cigarillos that can be found at most convenience stores or gas stations. 
  • Shatterday: This term references our favorite day of the week, Saturday. Wake up, have a slow, relaxing start to your day, and smoke some cheap shatter
  • Heady: This term is slang for pricey, nice, rate or trending. So, if you’re talking about a heady product that you purchase, you’re saying that it’s a prized possession in your weed collection. 
  • Safety meeting: This old school term refers to a quick smoke break, subtly hinting to your friends or co-works that they should join you outside for a sesh. It can always be used as an opportunity to smoke up in between your day-off obligations.

Which of the above terms are you most keen to add to your cannabis vocabulary? Drop a comment below to compare with our readers.

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